In his installation, Rumba Room has used 486 lighting fixtures with moving head Led type Spot and Wash, effects like Sniper 2R, 378 units of compact Par with 1 Led RGBW 18 watts and a beam 7 ° opening Elar Q1. It also has 44 panels EZ4 for screens located on the dancefloor and in other areas of the room.

A few months ago he opened the Rumba Room nightclub in Anaheim, in the metropolitan area of ​​the city of Los Angeles (California). A local, which has an area of ​​thousand square meters and capacity for a thousand people, and has been equipped with audiovisual equipment. This project has been made by the company props OF which has been responsible for the design and subsequent installation and programming of all lighting and video of the room.

"The idea of ​​the owners of this building was from the outset to provide the room with Latin touches, and that somehow remind the famous casinos of Las Vegas. This type of decoration has been a novelty in the nightlife scene in the city of Anaheim. In every corner of the disco and abroad has taken great care with numerous lighting devices installed Elation Professional"Explains Michael Betancourt, managing director of AV Props.

The exterior facade access to the disco Rumba Room has been illuminated with 12 SixPar 200IP, Par Led with construction IP65 for use under all weather conditions, and with 12 Led RGB + white + amber + UV 12 watts for a total of 144 watts of power per unit.

"We wanted a striking exterior lighting and could project a varied palette of colors and SixPar 200IP have given us what we wanted," says Ramon Chavez, chief operating officer of the club.

At the entrance, the lobby has been illuminated with 7 bars Eled QA Strip, RGB LED strips Flex Tape providing decorative lighting for the area of ​​the locker and wardrobe. Both outdoor lighting as the lobby are controlled through touch and intuitive Art500 DMX controller, which allows you to save different schedules and sequences with color changes.

Below is an area with a video screen consisting of 12 panels Led EZ4 Elation Professional, which distributes brand VisualsvisualsIn a configuration of 4 meters wide by 3 meters high. This panel, 4 mm pixel density, 1,200 nits of brightness and a size of 50 × 50 cm, is suitable for all types of fixed installations and for displaying visual content such as videos and graphics in high resolution and sharpness and brightness.

The two areas with the disco bars feature decorative lighting with numerous meters tape Led RGB Flex Tape, with its color changes endow these spaces different environments. This strip Elation is also used in numerous VIP reserved with this club counts, illuminating both the ground and the ceiling.

A total of 378 units Q1 Elation Elar have been used, at more than 50 units reserved to provide a spectacular overhead lighting and a well defined beam in these lounges.

With its LED RGBW 18W, a beam 7 ° opening and projecting pixel-mapping content server launched from a Media Master of Arkaos, a spectacular stumps is achieved. "The VIP areas are the areas that attracted the most attention as you walk into the club. With more than 50 Elar Q1 installed in each VIP reserved, the effect achieved is very shocking, "says Michael Betancourt.

The area of ​​the dance floor at the disco Rumba Room includes 3 screens Led video, with a total of 32 panels EZ4, spread between a main screen with configuration 7 × 4, and two side screens auxiliaries, each configuration 1 × 2.

In the truss structure, positioned above the dance floor, they have installed 10 mobile heads Spot type Zoom Platinum Spot LED Pro II, 8 type Beam Rayzor Q7 and 8 fast and compact type Beam Rayzor Beam 2R, lamp Philips Platinum 2R 132 watts.

Also on the dance floor they were installed 4 units of Beam, Scanner and simulator Laser Sniper 2R effect, plus a couple of units Par Led SixPar 200, with strip Flex Led RGB Tape accentuating the contours of the cabin disc jockey.

Rumba Room also offers concerts of various musical styles and has a stage that is illuminated with 12 moving head LED type Beam / Wash Zoom Rayzor Q12 Zoom, along with 15 units SixPar 100, providing back lighting, and 6 mobile heads Platinum Spot led Pro II, which add gobo projections and effects with 3-sided prism.

This area of ​​the club also has 12 bars high brightness LED Cuepix Strip TRI, each with 5 LED COB RGB 30W for a total of 150 watts, individual control over each pixel and 55 centimeters in length, and another 8 units Sniper projecting spectacular effects 2R beam, Laser Scanner and simulator on stage and dance floor with its beam 3rd opening 14 dichroic colors, 17 gobos and prism 3 sides.

Equipment of Elation Professional:

  • 20 Platinum Spot Led Pro II.
  • 12 Rayzor Q12 Zoom, 8 Rayzor Q7 y 8 Rayzor Beam 2R.
  • 12 Sniper 2R.
  • 12 SixPar 200IP, 2 and 15 SixPar SixPar 200 100.
  • 12 Cuepix Strip TRI.
  • 7 Eled QA Strip.
  • 378 Elar Q1.
  • 300 metros de Flex Led RGB Tape.
  • 1 Art500.
  • 44 LED video panels EZ4.
  • 2 E-Node 8 Pro.
  • 3 Opto Branch 8.

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By • 10 Mar, 2017
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