On the occasion of the celebration of its eleven years of activity in the virtual reality environment, this company based in Valencia, hitherto known as Bienetec, changed its name and introduces immersive reality technology in their development.

Focused on consulting, consulting, development and implementation of solutions for virtual, augmented reality, as well as immersive and interactive technologies for development as projects that integrate software, Aumentaty (Formerly Bienetec), is celebrating eleven years of specialization in this environment.

As explained by its CEO, Esteban Anguita (top image), "the latest technology is useless if there is no message. We must understand that it is a means to get the message cale more and better. Aumentaty, with eleven years in the field of immersive technologies, has managed to reach this milestone with a maxim: do not let the customer with a blind fashion. "

In this trajectory, national and international companies such as Disney, Dodot, Pfizer, Panini, Seat, Vodafone, Hasbro, Santillana, SM, University of Salamanca, Leroy Merlin, Adif, Pamesa Ceramics, among others, have relied on reality solutions virtual of this company.

En este sentido, Anguita señala que “hay que enseñarle al cliente la mejor tecnología para su propósito, y para ello necesitamos conocer bien cuáles son sus necesidades. Usar un casco de realidad virtual o una marca de realidad aumentada porque esté de moda es malo para el cliente y para el sector. Hay que entender que las modas sólo son modas. Las tecnologías inmersivas son mucho más”.

The company celebrated its eleventh anniversary on the market in the Balneario Las Arenas (Valencia) hotel presenting some technologies and applications for which its leaders used the immersive reality, so that the rapporteur (without helmets, cables, glasses or screens green) is introduced by using TOF cameras in a digital environment to interact with virtual elements.

Ismael Estudillo, Aumentaty technical director, explains the details of this technology "is programming work, but it's true then is fine because you can do live and makes the message cale much better. It just takes a good TOF camera (measuring depth) and be clear about what 3D elements to do for the user to interact. a huge dip of all is achieved: the protagonist and the audience, because no cables or VR helmets are needed. It is virtual, real-time, live and without devices. "

According to data provided in the presentation, reports of the consultants estimate that this sector moves about 90,000 million dollars in 2021. In the financial sector, the financial company has billed nearly one million euros, reaching eleven years of specialization as a national reference, since 80% of the Spanish market immersive technologies are companies less than three years that do not reach 500,000 euros of annual turnover.

"The proliferation of startups seeking to make things interesting with a helmet of 800 euros is good for the sector, it energizes -apunta Estudillo-, but one must understand that the important thing is to help the client understand that technology should only be the means , the channel. We advise to optimize our results and messages ".

In its eleventh anniversary, the company plans to increase by 20% its annual turnover. "The sector is growing and that's good for everyone. Only the strongest, those who know understand customer needs will remain, but the sector is more alive than ever, "says the CEO of Aumentaty.

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By • 14 Mar, 2017
• Section: Events, Business, Augmented reality, Simulation

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