The Spanish company has created a mapping system in real time that allows establishments to know how and where your customers spend their time. To this end it has provided trolleys and shopping baskets with a small beacon transmitting a signal to the Bluetooth sensors, located on the roof, in charge of tracking buyers.

Shoppermotion It has developed a mapping system that allows brands and businesses better understand and capitalize on user behavior in stores. This solution, called hoppermotion mounted on the Enterprise Data Hub (HRE) of Cloudera, Helps answer to know how to explore the store buyers.

Combining the ability to track the path of every consumer in the store with an analytical engine high performance and scalability, Shoppermotion provides real-time analysis of consumer behavior while shopping in the store.

This engine, built on Cloudera Enterprise, can process and deliver a wealth of data collecting, analyzing millions of routes through the store during shopping to help marketers understand patterns and trends and apply predictive models to suggest improvements in store.

Shoppermotion ha creado una arquitectura IoT, utilizando Cloudera Enterprise, para facilitar la ingesta, almacenamiento y análisis de los datos que emiten las balizas. En cada tienda con tecnología Shoppermotion, los carritos y cestas de la compra están dotados con una pequeña baliza que transmiten una señal cada segundo a los sensores Bluetooth ubicados en el techo para rastrear a los compradores en la tienda. Estos sensores capturan el comportamiento en tiempo real de los clientes: en qué pasillos compran, en qué dirección se mueven por el pasillo e, incluso, cuánto tiempo pasan en frente de cada producto.

Shoppermotion customers can find all the information in an easily accessible analytics dashboard where they can measure the loss of traffic in each aisle or predict when there will be a rush of customers in the queue boxes.

In addition, brands can compare conversion rates promotions with the conversion of certain corridors to discover windows in which to carry out specific marketing campaigns in each store.

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By • 14 Mar, 2017
• Section: Control, Digital signage, Distribution signals

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