The new models AMP-8075 and AMP-8150 work natively with the range of professional audio processors DSP Avia, enabling integrators to deliver and manage audio systems for commercial and corporate spaces with great efficiency.

Manufacturer control technology and audiovisual automation Crestron has completed its line of innovative multichannel amplifiers Avia Audio Solutions with AMP-8075 and AMP-8150 models, designed to work natively with Avia DSP processors to provide audio systems powerful, accurate and flexible in a wide range of commercial applications .

These new multi-channel high efficiency amplifiers support applications that require simultaneous speaker systems low and high impedance as well as remote monitoring and control via the network.

Dennis Fink, chief technology Crestron audio, explains that "the new Avia amplifiers perfectly complement our powerful DSP platform Avia. Together they provide a robust and easy to scale audio for a wide range of commercial applications. Configuration and control are quick and easy thanks to our intuitive software Avia Audio Tool, and overall performance is actually the best of its kind ".

Crestron AMP-8075 y AMP-8150 ofrecen ocho canales de energía limpia y profesional en un único espacio de rack, con una opción de 75 ó 150 vatios por canal; cada uno configurable individualmente para baja Z (4/8 Ohm) o alta Z (70V o 100V). La conectividad LAN Ethernet de alta velocidad permite la configuración, monitorización y control a través del software Avia Audio Tool o Fusion Cloud, ambos del fabricante.

Los nuevos amperios cuentan con una indicación de estado del panel frontal completa y medidores de salida, mientras que los paneles traseros incorporan entradas balanceadas y ajustes de nivel. La tecnología Advanced Class D aumenta la eficiencia para reducir el consumo de energía y la disipación de calor. Una fuente de alimentación universal interna, con corrección del factor de potencia, garantiza un rendimiento constante con tensiones de línea variables.

The Avia amplifiers and DSP processors integrate seamlessly to offer commercial audio systems that meet the highest professional standards. The entire system configuration is quick and easy thanks to Avia Audio Tool software, which offers an intuitive channel architecture and integrates a wide range of professional tools.

With Avia Audio Tool can quickly integrate Crestron touchscreens without central control system; Just drag and drop objects strip channel (from the DSP and amplifier) ​​to generate a control and user interface touch screen.

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By • 14 Mar, 2017
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