This microphonic and ADC eight-channel preamplifier is part of the high-end systems of this professional studio behind which is the musician Alex Toff, which makes drum recordings with sound quality as the customer wants it to be interpreted .

ATDrumtracks It is the professional studio where he works Alex Toff, who joins the ranks of professional musicians who are dedicated to recording drum tracks to quickly give them to the client. "I have a renewed engineers and producers respect, it is as if I had entered a new world," he says about his foray into this environment.

This study currently has a large collection of batteries, microphones and studio equipment high-end, including the microphone preamplifier and eight-channel ADC ASP880 of AudientWhose products marketed in the Iberian market Audio-Technica. "People want to have work immediately. These facilities make it possible home the battery can provide such fast service, "explains Toff.

Tras casi veinte años de experiencia tocando la batería tanto en estudio como en directo, colaborando con numerosos artistas de todos los estilos musicales, como Belinda Carlisle, Bonnie Tyler, Mike Posner, A-Ha, etc. Alex Toff ha demostrado su capacidad para ofrecer interpretaciones con calidad totalmente profesional.

Si bien la tarea de seleccionar el equipo de grabación era algo nuevo en su actividad, Toff ha confiado en los productos Audient, “muy fáciles de utilizar. Literalmente plug and play. ASP880 hace que, simplemente, todo suene fantástico, sin importar lo que le hayas conectado.” En su estudio, cuenta con una interfaz de audio que incorpora cuatro preamplificadores microfónicos y utiliza ASP880 para el resto de canales.

"As a drummer, obviously I need more than four channels, and Audient gives me the possibility of recording up to twelve channels with which to experiment, he explains, for example, monkey overheads, room mics, etc. and I do not need more batteries. I've literally party know absolutely nothing about building a studio recording, select the equipment, learn to use and press the record button for batteries with a fantastic sound. "

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By • 15 Mar, 2017
• Section: Audio, Cases of study, Control

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