The new versions of its solutions augmented reality, virtual studios graphic capabilities make the proposal of the company in this important event in the audiovisual industry to be held from 22 to 27 next April in Las Vegas.

2017 edition NAB Show will feature the participation of Brainstorm, Who came back to Las Vegas Convention Center (Booth SL4616) to display the latest versions of its solutions for creating virtual studios, real-time 3D graphics and augmented reality, such as graphics incorporating advances InfinitySet.

Specifically, this virtual studio solution not only integrates projects in Aston, but also includes the complete set of graphical tools for this, so that you can edit or create from scratch any 2D or 3D graphics.

Thanks to technology and TeleTransporter TrackFree tool (more details of its application in Digital AV Magazine), InfinitySet used interchangeably real images, live or prerecorded as background for virtual set.

Gracias a ello, Brainstorm difumina aún más los límites entre el mundo real y el virtual, permitiendo al presentador entrar en cualquier escenario, en cualquier momento. Esta interacción es posible gracias a la herramienta 3D Presenter, que convierte al presentador en un objeto 3D capaz de interactuar en el entorno 3D, así como en el mundo de la realidad aumentada.

Aunque la posibilidad de incluir al presentador en un set virtual es ya de uso común en el ámbito virtual, Brainstorm ha dado un paso adelante con la nueva funcionalidad VirtualGate, capaz de integrar al presentador no solo en un set virtual sino en otro contenido adicional al mismo tiempo, en la misma escena. Como consecuencia de la tecnología TrackFree, VirtualGate permite ‘teletransportar’ al presentador que se encuentra ya en un escenario virtual a un nuevo vídeo en perfecta armonía y continuidad.

At NAB 2017 the company will also show the possibilities of VideoCave, functionality mixed reality using screens in a real scenario to behave like a Cave (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) multiple windows, which can leave virtual objects to the real scenario. With over fifteen years of experience in the development and installation of such systems, Brainstornm TrackFree also uses technology to include elements of augmented reality in the final scene from the camera perspective.

Integration with Oculus Rift

Another proposal of the company that professionals know in this contest is the integration with hardware mixed reality, as has been done with Oculus Rift, with which confirms its commitment to the immersive technologies and new forms of domestic consumption of content.

Brainstorm also show the integration of engines external render, especially some dedicated to games and architecture, as Unreal Engine, which not only provide realistic scenes, but combined with the rendering engine company study allow InfinitySet provide excellent scenes for funds virtual, rendered hyper-realistic manner and integrate graphic elements in the final scene 3D graphics, titling, etc.).

Data visualization Social Networking

Brainstorm and will also present a joint solution to provide visualization of data originating from social networks through real-time 3D graphics. This application is the result of the work of both companies in the Visualmedia project, which is part of the Europe 2020 Horizon platform.

Specifically, InfinitySet and Aston representing Visualmedia benefit from real-time information in a structured social media, using 3D graphics powered by external data.

Template-based applications

Moreover, Brainstorm has developed a wide range of solutions based on templates (templates) that use the rendering engine study to ensure optimum quality graphics and real-time performance for all types of templates 3D graphics and virtual studios. In the event, the company will present SmartSet, a solution template-based emission particularly suitable for television networks small and local.

Template-based solutions allow the issue as SmartSet content created from predefined templates or created specifically using Brainstorm solutions, which make the application as complex as the template allows.

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By • 15 Mar, 2017
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