To provide a better shopping experience O2O has implemented a strategy based on technology Beabloo has installed a digital touch totem of the Chinese shops. This device displays product information available at the facility, then to choose the one you want, customize it and pay for it using a QR code.

NBA Store es una cadena de tiendas centrada en la venta de ropa deportiva, calzado, gorras, suvenirs y otros productos de su marca. Para incrementar el flujo de clientes en el punto de venta, así como el tiempo que los consumidores pasaban en él decidió implantar una tecnología que crease una experiencias de compra atractiva, que tuviese todas las ventajas de la compra online y diera un paso más hacia la nueva generación de tienda conectada. El objetivo era que la persona que fuese a la tienda recibiera un trato exclusivo por el que valiese la pena acercarse al establecimiento.

To meet this challenge O2O decided to implement a strategy that integrates physical store in the advantages of the online and offline worlds. And for that, he turned to technology Beabloo which he installed as a pilot project, a digital totem pole in one of the shops NBA Store in China.

This device can display information on all the products available on site, choose the one you want, customize it instantly and pay using a QR code, without having to wait. The customer receives the product at home, simply and without lugging purchase.

With this totem, NBA Store could join the appeal of their establishments, which arouse consumer interest, to the best of your online store that lets you customize orders, pay instantly and receive the product at home. The installed device is touch and offers an attractive and easy to use interface.

"With Beabloo technology have improved the shopping experience of our customers and our establishment have approached what we believe will be the store of the future with all the benefits of joining the physical and online shopping," explained from NBA.

A través de esta convergencia de los entornos online y offline, NBA Store logró sus objetivos. Gracias a Beabloo y a su tótem digital e inteligente, ha conseguido crear un ambiente sugestivo y de estética futurista, ha mejorado la comunicación con los clientes mediante la emisión de promociones en el dispositivo y ha proporcionado una experiencia de compra diferente a través de la pantalla. El camino que el consumidor realiza para terminar su compra es personalizado y diferenciado.

Moreover, by allowing customers to discover for themselves the product catalog, select and customize those that interest them and even processed payment and shipping the items, the store staff can spend more time other tasks, optimizing your workday.

It also has real-time data about their customers, making it possible to present information about the products that best suit their profile. It also provides data to analyze in detail and reliably audience receiving store or a particular area, as well as other useful information to improve sales strategies.

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By • 15 Mar, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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