Madis has been the company responsible for designing and installing the scenery for the event, where more than 2,500 LED modules were installed to set up about 1,300 square meters of displays. two fundamental elements for the staging, and the sphere spiral, which brought a new image to the show were also manufactured.

Since 12 years, Madis was responsible for the stage production of the Festival of Vina del Mar, the most important Latin music event held in Chile, getting in each edition is renewed and present an increasingly innovative show with the highest technologies.

En la Quinta Vergara, lugar donde se desarrolla el evento, se instalaron más de 2.500 módulos Led, lo que permitió armar cerca de 1.300 metros cuadrados de pantallas. También se fabricaron dos elementos fundamentales para la puesta en escena, el espiral y la esfera, que lograron entregar una renovada imagen a todo el show.

La esfera, instalada en el centro del escenario, es la mayor novedad tecnológica. Se trata de un objeto que pesa más de 4 toneladas y mide 4,5 metros de altura. Además, cuenta con pantallas, maniobras de giros y más de 50 motores variables que le da la posibilidad de subir o bajar en 30 segundos. De esta manera, el objeto puede permanecer en el piso, acompañar al artista, girar 360° o, incluso, disparar haces de luz, gracias a su potente iluminación que la transforma en el centro de energía del espectáculo.

For its part, the spiral around the field to generate a direct power connection, making the audience feel that is part of the show. "It occurred to me to make a spiral that begins where the public is, comes, walks across the stage and up to infinity," says the director and set designer Madis Festival, Marcelo Rojas.

This technological element is composed of a gateway and digital tapes LED screens on the sides, in addition to travel all around the spiral, delivers a pulse and dynamism, marking every detail of the staging and simulating a constant movement.

The visual infrastructure Folkloric and international competitions, were also developed by Madis, where the concept of each song was reflected with visual content, delivering the same feelings that participants wanted to give musicians.

Es el caso de la representante de México, participante en la competencia Internacional y ganadora de la gaviota de plata como mejor intérprete, Jass Reyes, que se refirió a esto efectos que se mostraron en los más de 1.300 metros cuadrados de pantallas y que potenciaron su presentación: “Cuando compuse ‘Cielo en llamas’, desarrollé la letra a partir de un mundo de fuego que me imaginaba de tonos rojos, amarillos y oscuros. Cuando vi las visuales sentí que Madis había entendido el concepto y lo que quería escribir. Crean una atmósfera de la canción que hacen que la gente entre a este mundo también”.

As for the corporate visual effects, they mapped designs for each screen according to the position and size, which achieves the images are integrated both on stage and in the show, using parts manufactured specifically for each time point were performed.

The visuals and graphics contained issued 2D and 3D effects with music and different sensations, excited, aroused, motivated and surprised from start to finish to the public.

For these reasons, the set designer Marcelo Rojas, said: "Every time we have more skilled people, laboratories and good management of the technology that allows us to have a sphere of 5 meters high, curved screens, variables engines, system twists and machines for working with images up 7K ".

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By • 15 Mar, 2017
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