Through mobile technology VPViewer Zebra Design SD, which has implemented in its hotels in Emea, and using a pair of virtual reality immerses clients in an immersive experience from which they can plan the event, meeting or conference and see How will their development.

Marriott International has implemented mobile technology developed by Zebra Design SD, VPViewer in their hotels in Europe, Middle East and Africa, which already have Virtual Planner; providing customers a unique experience in the MICE sector, how to market evolving event spaces.

The new app enables customers of hotels open links generated by Virtual Planner on any mobile device and visualize their assemblies in 360⁰ and 3D virtual reality. Breaking spatial boundaries through the use of VR glasses of Google as cardboard, the user can see and walk inside the enclosure with a real sense of presence and printing to touch things. Thus, a realistic experience of how your event will be offered.

This year aims to be the year of the contents, which Marriott International secures its position offering customers innovative experiences improving the way we do business.

"Virtual reality born as an innovative but uncertain technology, now has become an excellent tool for marketing and sales as well as an innovative way for customers to plan their events and allowing try before you buy," said Diego Herrera, CEO Zebra Design SD.

VPViewer features:

  • 3D virtual reality experience.
  • 360⁰ view, even without sight.
  • Virtual tour for users without gyroscope.
  • 2D plane preview event.
  • Viewing notes and computer tables.
  • Contact Form.
  • Compatible with Android and Apple phones and tablets.

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By • 16 Mar, 2017
• Section: Dynamic advertising, Augmented reality, Simulation

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