The Christie HD14K-M have played a leading role in the first live broadcast of a session of ophthalmologic surgery vitrectomy 3D in Spain, organized in Elche by the Department of Ophthalmology General Hospital Universitario of this city in the province of Alicante.

To achieve this broadcast, the specialist Audiovisual Tecnicongress He has been responsible for audiovisual engineering project, which has provided since taking 3D images to the programming of 3D medical equipment, cameras ENG 3D signal mixing, processing and shipping to various terrestrial links to broadcast Full HD .

The operation, consisting of four interventions with four specialists, was held in the Unit Outpatient Surgery Hospital General Universitario de Elche and was broadcast live to the congress center of the city, where more than two hundred ophthalmologists and department heads met in Spain to see the session, part of the V Meeting of vitrectomy, a very specific microsurgical technique.

Tecnicongress team technically prepared the congress center for the event, with the installation of a special screen for 3D projection (x4,60 8,30 m in 16: 9.). The two projectors Christie HD14K-M, with 3DLP technology and 13,500 lumens, the Twist system-managed company and located at a distance of 25 m.

Both teams were adjusted to the maximum to achieve 3D projection as reliable as possible, made of mediantes passive polarized glasses, what a backup team added.

Each projector was commissioned to play a section of the image in configuration side-by-side, doing one image of the right eye and the other left eye through the built-in electronic equipment. The signals were performed with Di-Ventix II of Analog Way with Full HD resolution at all times.

In addition, the R & D Tecnicongress made an automaton and controlled via PC computer, whereby placing the tinted windows in it and always before the projectors, allowing removed through software crystals front projectors, since the 2D projection was needed at peak times and then 3D, on an ongoing basis so that attendees could continue without problems each clinical case.

As Juan Pina, CEO of Tecnicongress explains, highlights the performance of teams Christie, opted for the 14Ks for this event because suitable both benefits such as weight, size and other characteristics that for us makes it the perfect machine. "

The company, which has different projectors Christie, has just acquired two units its lasers phosphorus, 8,000 lumens and BoldColor technology, "which will be the jewel in the crown for its great performance for projections halls intermediate sizes . In the future, we hope to buy a large number of units to service our offices in Madrid and Alicante, "said Pina.

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By • 16 Mar, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Events, Training, Projection, Bless you

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