The Fire Department of New York (the largest in the United States) has recently deployed a platform for live streaming video to help professionals in the anti-fire fighting through Streamur iPhone Mobile Viewpoint.

The platform has launched the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) has been designed as per Mobile Viewpoint and its sister company in the United States, KenCastIn order to improve the actions and decision-making in the anti-fire fighting.

The platform transmits video fire through the Mobile Viewpoint Streamur iPhone to the end user KenCast application using three iPhones - each paired with a mobile hotspot - to transmit live feeds (password protected) to users any PC, Android or iOS device.

Senior operations center and other external agencies can now observe the incident (in real time, with latency five seconds) and take steps to support the operation of firefighting strategic decisions. Once the fire is under control, FDNY can review the recorded video in the cloud for training, analysis and research.

Currently, FDNY is expanding its platform Mobile Viewpoint / KenCast to include a connected drone, which is the first approved by the FAA for use in the city of New York, which will provide air live video of the work of firefighters in this department which is transmitted to the end user platform by KenCast backpack transmitter Mobile Viewpoint Streamur 7.

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By • 20 Mar, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Distribution signals, Training, Production, Security, Streaming Media

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