In the outer zone has installed a videowall 2 × 2 set with LCD panels 55 inches DynaScan and introduced within a structure that protects it from the elements outside, and allow effectively manage the heat emitted by the screen.

The Park Place in Barrie (Canada) is a mall outdoor offers visitors an area with a large fireplace and which is provided with an element that makes it even more attractive. It is a large-screen digital signage showing his razor sharp images under the summer sun and withstands the rigors of winter.

This audiovisual site has been designed and installed by integrator Advanced. "We were determined to help Park Place achieve their goal considering the viewing environment, its outdoor location ... and the choice was a screen with technology DynaScan”, explica David Weatherhead, presidente de Advanced.

To meet customer requirements, Advanced has installed a 2 × 2 video wall set with LCD panels 55 inches DynaScan offering 3,000 nits brightness and super slim bezel present 3.5 mm (bevel bevel).

Dado el entorno en el que se iba a ubicar el videowall, ofrecer un alto brillo era clave para el proyecto. Advanced optó por la tecnología de DynaScan por su robustez y alto brillo. Se seleccionó un modelo LCD ya que esta tecnología crea “una mirada transparente, con una gran calidad de imagen en alta resolución y resulta muy singular para una aplicación al aire libre. No es frecuente que este tipo de imagen transparente se experimenta en una pantalla al aire libre“, añade Weatherhead.

The LCD videowall DynaScan is designed for use indoors so Advanced had to design a customized solution to protect him from the severe climate of Canada. For this, he was associated with Batko who built an enclosure where you can enter it and protect it from the weather, tamperproof.

This structure effectively manages the video wall heat, maintaining a constant and optimal temperature inside. "The climate in Canada is unpredictable so we have designed a solution that protects a screen inside and prevents overheating due to the heat dissipation of the high brightness screen," Weatherhead said.

Advanced also had to develop a customized solution for content distribution from the headquarters of the Park Place Mall and is located 183 meters away from the screen. "We realized that the only way to send the signal from the office to the screen was with fiber optic cable and have worked with a manufacturer to design a customized solution that allows it to be executed from the video processor to the screen."

This videowall processor with 4K entries allow Park Place add more screens in the future if they wish. "We also set the processor to work with a control system CrestronWhich allows employees of the mall manage screen content easily and remotely from a touch panel, "says the president of Advanced.

Park Place utilizes the screen as a point of attraction for buyers and source of advertising revenue. From here sporting events are broadcast live and advertising space sold to retailers in the mall.

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By • 21 Mar, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals

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