Charity Gala Grand Opera Sotogrande, organized by the Association Arturo Darch to raise funds to benefit the Josep Carreras Foundation, had the Malaga Provincial Symphony Orchestra and audio systems Allen & Heath for this event.

The event, attended by about three hundred guests enjoyed the collaboration of several companies, institutions and organizations such as the Provincial Symphony Orchestra of Malaga, for this occasion, he was presented under the direction of Stephen Anthony Brown and the mezzosoprano Aurore Lacabe , baritone James Cleverton, Stefanie Kambal soprano and tenor Nicholas Bansley, among other performers.

As organizer of the gala, the Arturo Darch Association entrusted the technical realization of the gala specialist Soundland audiovisual events, specifically its director, Andres Perez Pombo, who used to this system Allen & Heath Direct, formed by the control surface faders twenty iLive 112, as well as the distribution system and audio processing MixRack iDR10.

ILive surface 11 Monitoring is the system that manages the MixRack very easily. It features an integrated audio rack to provide local inputs and outputs in the mix position and a touch screen and motorized faders three banks, four independent layers

Microphonic pickup for the orchestra chose a complete set of microphones Audio-TechnicaIncluding tape AT4080 model which was used to capture the harp; and a separate stereo pair, formed by two microphones AT3035 to capture section timpani. Distributed between sections string, wind and percussion were the AT4041, AT4047MP, and ATM350 AT5045 models.

En cuanto a la sonorización de la orquesta sinfónica, “fue un poco complicada debido a un factor que no esperábamos: el viento -explica Pérez Pombo-. El evento se desarrolló al aire libre y el tipo de sonorización, instrumentos clásicos, acústicos, etc., requería la utilización de micrófonos de condensador, que son mucho más sensibles, para captar de la mejor forma posible todos los detalles de los instrumentos de la orquesta”.

Despite these difficulties, as noted by the expert, "the end result was perfect and the public could enjoy the show at its best thanks to the excellent performance of microphones Audio-Technica, the use of anti-wind foam and a strategic placement the micros. "

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By • 21 Mar, 2017
• Section: Audio, Cases of study, Control, Distribution signals, Events

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