For the year 2018, according to data from the consulting firm, a third of the companies suffer significant changes due to the entry of new (or existing) competitors, able to adapt to change in the positions they hitherto occupied them in most European markets today.

The digital transformation is a reality that opens new business opportunities but at the same time represents an enormous challenge that must be faced, as recently analyzed at the event organized by the consultancy IDC España in Madrid.

According to data provided by Juan Garcia Morgado, senior research analys IDC Spain, 92% of Spanish companies already included as business strategy digital transformation and 76% is immersed currently projects or plans to address them in the coming months.

How the digital transformation focuses within organizations has been another key that has offered this analyst, who noted that 82% of companies have a leader fully dedicated to this work, considered a strategic and horizontal priority to all business, compared to 22% who has delegated this task iT managers.

The priority investment objectives of the Spanish companies, regarding the digital transformation is concerned, there are three according to data from the consulting firm: gain a competitive advantage (70%); improve customer knowledge (66%) and optimize employee collaboration (56%).

Among the most important technologies and applications in the digital transformation process for national companies highlight the mobility (68%); those related to cybersecurity and privacy (64%) and the characteristics of big data and analysis (60%).

A scenario that, for IDC Spain, offer new operational models and profound changes in both the consumer and the proper management of the companies, which, gradually, the maximum liability of the organization have a clear technological profile.

The digital transformation will also cause the development of new products and services marked by customization, consulting placed in this study 20% this year, and virtual reality, which will be the main protagonist in 2020.

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By • 21 Mar, 2017
• Section: Studies, Training, Business

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