The new series of high-resolution LCD screens, available in formats 42, 49 and 55 "include LinkRay platform, which enables data transmission via light.

The LinkRay technology uses LED light to transmit digital content to mobile devices, making the displays used for digital signage, signs and light sources 1-2-1 marketing tools for smartphones. In this sense, Panasonic just introduced professional high brightness LCD displays Full HD (at 42, 49 and 55 ") forming the SH1H series and integrate this technology manufacturer.

Thanks to this integration for digital signage applications and entertainment content and can send data to smartphone users via LED light and improve their experience. The LinkRay technology can also be used by small and flexible modulators ID that transform signs and light sources transmitters.

Panasonic has developed this exclusive control technology and high-speed backlight that transmits digital content by the light emitted by the screen and a mobile application.

Las señales ID transmitidas desde la pantalla digital de la serie SH1H de Panasonic pueden leerse a través del smartphone del usuario, que verá inmediatamente la información interactiva y personalizada, como una guía de tráfico o incentivos de marketing. Además, el contenido se puede transmitir en el idioma del propietario del teléfono inteligente y mejorar así su experiencia en espacios como museos y galerías y entornos comerciales, entre otros.

SF1H screens and different modulators series ID will be marketed from next April. All models incorporate a USB media player, which facilitates operations of digital signage as it allows you to enter the content (still images or videos) to be displayed via USB and eliminates the need for a decoder.

The saved on USB memory content can also be used in combination with signs ID LinkRay configure a system platform for interactive signage.

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By • 22 Mar, 2017
• Section: To fund, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Lighting, Dynamic advertising

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