The study '2017 Retail Vision Study' highlights how smart technology allows stores to capture more data, achieve greater accuracy and customer information and, thus, offer buyers an experience more personalized shopping at point selling.

About 70% of those responsible for the sector are prepared to make changes and adopt the Internet of Things (IoT), while 65% plan to invest in automation technology for inventory management in 2021.

These are some of the results that emerge from the report by Zebra Technologies '2017 Vision Retail Study' and analyzes the changes that occur in the retail sector and technology trends that enhance the shopping experience.

“Cada parte del sector retail está cambiando, desde los almacenes hasta los estantes de las tiendas, y los retailers conducen el cambio en una carrera para mejorar el servicio al cliente. 2017 Retail Vision Study demuestra que los comercios están preparados para cumplir las expectativas del cliente con mayor personalización, velocidad y facilidad. Para ello, Zebra se compromete a habilitar una estrategia onicanal con más información y visibilidad en las operaciones, socios, inventario y envíos”, explica Mark Thomson, Retail and Hospitality director en EMEA de Zebra Technologies.

Retailers want to offer a good shopping experience, in fact 78% have claimed that the combination of e-commerce and experience at the point of sale is very important to your business. The continuous rise of online shopping will be a challenge for businesses when it comes to customer loyalty. In 2021, 65% of retailers plan to make different delivery services, such as delivering at work, at home and even in parked cars.

Microlocalization technology will allow retailers to capture more data, greater accuracy and customer information. In 2021, 75% can customize the visit of customers to the store and 79% will be able to personalize your visit.

In order to accelerate the paid ranks, they are pleaneando invest in kiosks and mobile devices and tablets to increase payment options. 87% of respondents implemented mobile devices at the point of sale (MPOS) in 2021, allowing them to scan and accept credit and debit payments anywhere in the establishment.

73% consider important or big data critical to their operations. In 2021, at least 75% plan to invest in analytical software for loss prevention and price optimization, also in video analytics cameras for operational purposes and improving the customer experience.

57% believe that automation molderará the sector in 2021, helping retailers to pack and ship orders, track inventory, check inventory levels in the store and help customers find items.

Currently, 36% of retailers in Europe knows when a particular customer is in the store, but that number is expected to double in 2021.

To carry out this study, the company Research Now and Qualtrics interviewed in 2016 to almost 1,700 responsible for North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East of all segments of the retail market, including specialty stores, department stores, supermarkets, electronics stores, household, clothing and drug stores.

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By • 22 Mar, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Studies, Dynamic advertising

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