The company will showcase the powerful capabilities of this card coding PCI Express, part of its series 6100 Quad for applications digital signage and digital communications companies while participating in NAB 2017, from 24 to 27 next April in Las Vegas.

The new encoder Quad Maevex 6150 Matrox GraphicsAllows transmission and recording of 4K high quality with enhanced functionality and step zero latency, which incorporates all the features of the card coding PCI Express Maevex 6100 Quad, capable of capturing 4K Quad and encode and decode transmissions and multiple recordings four or more channels simultaneously.

Matrox Maevex 6150 offers an all-in-one flexible administration encoding (both local and remote) IP video, which can be programmed and easily monitored with the PowerStream Plus software company across the network through applications customized using the API that incorporates.

As Ron Berty, business development manager, Matrox Graphics says, "Maevex encoders and decoders 5150 are very popular in digital signage applications and corporate communications. The new Maevex 6150 is based on that success, providing users with transmission requirements of high density encoding one 4K quality with bandwidth of your network easily and flexibly ".

Among other capabilities, Maevex 6150 can integrate streaming and record transparently in 4K workflow, with zero latency input, to provide content real-time local workstations; preview the media through a screen with DisplayPort output to ensure that all content appears exactly as planned before transmission, and search and multi-channel IP addresses, system information and operate without a dedicated system.

Available for marketing in the third quarter of this year, presented for the first Matrox capabilities Maevex 6150 while participating in the contest NAB 2017To be held in Las Vegas from 24 to 27 April.

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By • 23 Mar, 2017
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