Augmented reality, sensory marketing or counting people are some of the features that includes the new model has already been installed in eight shopping centers and implemented in ABC Serrano and Getafe 3 in Madrid and South Bay of Cadiz, next month.

Impactmedia It has announced a new support designed to respond and adapt to the needs demanded by advertisers and visitors brands. It is an interactive solution that can incorporate features such as augmented reality, sensory marketing (through the nose), people counting or printing tickets. The result is a substantial improvement in the quality of advertising impact.

Tras su implantación en Màgic Badalona, Impactmedia ha decidido apostar por la renovación de su parque y llevarlo a varios centros más. Actualmente, ocho centros comerciales ya disfrutan de sus ventajas: Equinoccio, Islazul y Sambil en Madrid; Màgic Badalona, Barnasud y Baricentro, en la provincia de Barcelona; Los Arcos, en Sevilla y Vallsur, en Valladolid. A éstos se les sumarán durante el próximo mes ABC Serrano y Getafe 3 en Madrid y Bahía Sur en Cádiz.

With an investment of 3 million euros, Impactmedia intends to further strengthen its market position and plans to renew this year 16% of shopping centers in its portfolio. Other renovations will be completed gradually, in an estimated three-year period.

Its circuit is composed of 93 shopping centers, with 43 of them classified as very large, large and medium surfaces over 40,000 square meters. This circuit centers ABC Serrano, Sambil, Getafe 3 and Barycenter incorporated.

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By • 24 Mar, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising, Augmented reality

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