The Cuban specialist OKeventos found on this network audio over IP new applications for their projects, ranging from multitrack recording to live television production.

Stability, versatility and audio quality is what OKeventos, Rental company and professional audio production based in Havana (Cuba), has found its projects using the Dante network AudinatSuch as the recently performed during the presentation of the album Wynton Marsalis.

Como explica Mauricio Blanco, CEO de OKeventos, “prestamos servicios principalmente para conciertos en vivo, pero también apoyamos actos corporativos, teatrales y deportivos en toda Cuba. Como ingeniero de sonido en vivo, la digitalización aporta comodidad, con tiempos de configuración reducidos, conexiones más sencillas y seguras, menores niveles de ruido, baja latencia y mayor capacidad, y en esto nadie supera a Dante”.

Indeed, White was the first sound engineer to use the network of Dante digital audio in this country during the recent launch of 'Live in Cuba' album Wynton Marsalis in Blue Engine Records for both multitrack recording to perform live television broadcast, "because it expedites the installation process".

In this event connections used to move a single thread forty audio channels between the console Yamaha M7CL (equipped with Dante MYAUD16 modules) and a standard switch. The team used Dante Controller to easily manage the flow signal to the Cubase DAW software for live multitracking both for recording and for TV broadcast.

Moreover, the company has expanded its Dante architecture with two Yamaha CL consoles, Yamaha Rio boxes and system settings iLive digital mixing Allen & Heath. Dante expansion systems has provided greater flexibility and versatility in various projects production company, both of live sound and the television production.

"We are moving regularly signals over long distances (over 100 meters) without any interference from electrical traffic, radio or DMX cables are very close -puntualiza Blanco-. Dante audio is clean and so far we have not had a failure. Its ability to support redundant signals adds convenience to protect our content and productions. "

OKeventos plans to expand its architecture Dante soon. "We are saving many hours on this network installation with IP and we want to extend it to route audio directly to PA systems, which will further reduce time and costs in projects".

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By • 24 Mar, 2017
• Section: Audio, Cases of study, Business

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