Under the name 2183, this cable allows transmission of uncompressed video in 4K quality carrying power (100W) to a distance of 100 meters thanks to its robust protection.

Specially created by Belden to transmit signals in HDBaseT, ie, uncompressed video as 4K, the structured cable 2183 has very reliable specifications to support sending data at ultra high definition up to 100 meters thanks to its foil protection flexible type and corrugated to time.

This new cable Belden solves the problem of HDBaseT, the so-called 'alien crosstalk' or crosstalk between cables within the same deck, and thanks to their protection ensures that the signal (very delicate for their bandwidth and their need for I work in real time, without latency) is to be transmitted up to 100 meters away.

A ello se suma el uso de la patente de par pegado de este fabricante, que consigue una impedancia sin altibajos. A la hora de la instalación es habitual que los pares no pegados se abran y que el ruido externo afecte de forma distinta a cada conductor (generando ruido). Con el par pegado se eliminan huecos entre los conductores a la hora de empujar, tirar y torcer el cable, muy frecuente en la instalación.

Juanma Cortes, gerente de ventas AV de Belden para México, explica que “utilizando nuestra solución ‘rev-connect’ aceleramos la instalación y evitamos posibles cortes. Gracias a la mínima manipulación conseguimos evitar errores de conexión, ya que se elimina el corte manual de los cables y facilitamos muchísimo la vida al instalador”.

Belden 2183 can also be used in high level applications for centralized and automated lighting. "We manufacture cables that serve the connectivity needs of installers working with major brands of automation, such as Crestron, AMX, Lutron, etc; from the typical solution double torque (power and control) in its many versions, to the cable category for Ultra HD applications. "

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By • 30 Mar, 2017
• Section: Accessories, Control, Distribution signals

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