In order to enhance its corporate communication internally it has implemented a new dynamic communication system, with points distributed display unique areas of their offices and tailored to the specific needs each.

The Spanish energy company Enagás He has made a remodeling of its headquarters, a project that has opted for having a strong presence of technology in their offices. Vitelsa the company has been responsible for renewing its audiovisual equipment.

In order to enhance corporate communication internally Enagas has implemented a new dynamic communication system, with points distributed display unique areas of the seat and adapted to the specific needs of each of ellas.x

As core technology of this new corporate communication system has been chosen by a content management system which enables the selective distribution of video and creating corporate channels.

Este sistema ha sido integrado, según especificaciones de Vitelsa, en la red multiservicio de la compañía y permite una potente gestión en calidad Full HD de la difusión combinada de contenidos multimedia, documentos, información de interés e incluso emisión en directo de eventos. Este sistema contribuye asimismo a mejorar la gestión medioambiental de la sede mediante funcionalidades de control del encendido y apagado de los monitores y la instalación de videowalls.

For real-time distribution of audio signals, video and control between different enclosures it has implemented a new network of corporate video, controlled by a digital video matrix that manages multiple types of inputs such as corporate live events, documents, multimedia content and other video sources.

Videowall 3×3

For reception of the building, Vitelsa has designed a videowall configuration 3 × 3 with a support structure adapted to the curved shapes of the entrance area. This videowall monitors consists of Led Full HD and interconnected with the main content management system, which receives all types of enterprise content and information of interest to employees and visitors.

For the rest of the floors and the cafeteria they have also been installed viewpoints of corporate communication system, equipped with Full HD LED monitors large format. For them has set a specific channel with content aimed at employees, partners and visitors.

For the agora or event area it is designed an AV setting that pivots about a videowall, also 3 × 3, with a large display area and high resolution. It is made with Full HD LED screens large format to give a high impact audiovisual support to all kinds of events and corporate meetings.

This videowall has been integrated with an advanced wireless distribution of HD signals, which allows easy shipment to the screen AV signals from all types of devices (PC, tablet, etc.), providing a great versatility in making presentations and presentations.

Audio & Sound

Voicing this area it is done through an audio system with distributed high-quality ceiling speakers, integrated with a wireless microphone system to allow dynamic holding events. A solution that allows optimal hearing at all points of the room.

Another enclosures has been renewed by Vitelsa multifunctional hall capable of taking different configurations depending on the capacity. Coverage and recording of events and presentations made in the room is made with Full HD robotic cameras to automate the monitoring of public and speakers.

For displaying content in the room is installed a primary LED Full HD monitor large, reinforced by a second monitor LED also smaller. In addition, the room is equipped with a wireless distribution of HD signals, which allows simple introduction of AV signals from different devices (PC, tablet, etc.) to facilitate making presentations and lectures.

Audio uptake room is managed by a wireless microphone system, integrated sound system with high quality, professional distribution system AV media signal to facilitate the realization of press conferences.

All systems are managed from a control system programmed by Vitelsa to provide easy operation from a touch screen interface.

Another site that has been renovated under the project is the FAB room, ample creative space that has been equipped with a Full HD high-brightness projection and electrical large screen, plus a monitor LED Full HD high format acting as reinforcement or the second display.

This room has also installed a wireless distribution of HD signals from different sources that facilitates making presentations more dynamic group where each member can contribute content in different formats and devices. AV also has installed high-capacity infrastructure and multiple HD AV connection points distributed throughout the room, allowing a more versatile configuration.

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By • 30 Mar, 2017
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