The owners of the shopping and business, one of the largest in Europe, have developed a project to improve environmental and social environment with Libelium sensor technology and digital processing solutions and monitoring the company SmartIS City.

Located in the Slovenian city of Ljubljana, European Green Capital over the past year, the mall and business BTC Citand He has launched a sustainable project, both environmentally and digital transformation to be in line with the objectives of efficiency and environmental friendliness of the city to provide better services to its users.

The project is based on the IoT technology sensors Libelium and digital solutions local business SmartIS CityWhose aim is to monitor environmental quality in all areas and measure their social impact. "We have created a living laboratory through a digital platform that is transforming not only trade, creating new value for local businesses and their customers but also offering interesting prospects for transforming the management of cities," noted Julij božič, digital and innovation in BTC City manager.

Environmental pollution is one of the biggest health risks, as shown in numerous studies the World Health Organization (WHO), and is the second leading cause of disease in Europe, followed by noise pollution, which has caused the authorities to take steps to identify problems and implement initiatives and solutions.

For this project in BTC City sensor platform Waspmote plug sense is used to control environmental conditions and air pollution around the enclosure, using a wide variety of devices and sensors connected brightness, noise, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and ultrasonic distance emission.

As Blaž Golob, CEO of SmartIS City, "this project monitoring environmental quality in BTC City allows the management company to implement its innovative business model ECO Index to measure and assess the impact of its activities on the environment explains and society ".

The information gathered by the sensors is sent to the called Meshlium IoT through the 868 protocol, which requires the installation of sensors within 500 meters. Communication between SmartCity Platform, a platform for digital transformation of cities that use many municipalities for better management and data storage, and IoT Gateway is done via WiFi.

SmartIS and Libelium designed the Green City Kit solution The IoT Marketplace After the success achieved with the proposed BTC City, which is now available for deployment in cities to accurately measure key environmental parameters in real time and monitor these measurements in SmartCityPlatform.

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By • 31 Mar, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Distribution signals, Networks, Bless you

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