Continue their growth curve is the second major objective of this company in Spain in 2016 managed a turnover of 272 million euros, representing an increase of 15% over the previous year. Acquisitions remain part of its strategy to enhance the excellence of its portfolio of solutions and make it more transverse and their delivery and geographic coverage.

In a meeting with the media, Angel Benguigui, CEO Econocom Group SpainIt has revealed what the company guidelines that are aimed to continue the upward trend of growth looking to transform their business and become a service business are. "Our goal is to become a leading company that helps companies in the digital transformation."

The Group's strategy in Spain this year will focus on cross design offers multi-activity and service activity. One of the main challenges is to continue growing, and its goal to overcome the current turnover by 10% organically and double-digit increase in operating income.

To achieve its objectives, the company has made an acquisition policy that has helped him in its upward growth curve. "We want to continue to grow both organically and by buying companies. We continue actively seeking companies to acquire to complete the offering of solutions in sectors considered strategic, companies that are already assembled, of average size, which provide technological solutions that are innovative and profitable ".

These acquisitions have enabled them to strengthen its position in key segments and enter other, as has happened with the purchase of Caverin that integrated activity Products & Solutions (distribution value), allowed him to enter the business of digital distribution. "Spain is a market that has great potential in the digital environment sigange. Caverin purchase has been beneficial for both. It's been billed 14 million euros in 2015 to reach 73 million euros in the last year. "

According to the CEO of the company in Spain strengths focus on the service sector, where last year a turnover of 45 million euros in the hotel industry, tourism and industry, and expectations are set to strengthen its presence in the banking.

Its upward growth curve has been reflected in the results achieved during the past year in which the Group achieved a turnover of 2,536 million euros, 9.5% more than the previous year, and almost 20% higher operating income recurrent. Organic growth was 6.7%, while 10% came from its satellite acquisitions. This growth has also been felt in Spain where he has reached 272 million euros in turnover, representing an increase of 15% over the previous year. 5% is organic and the other 10% comes from the acquisitions.

The fruit of a decade of strategic plans

These findings are the result of strategic plans that the company has held since 2007. The first, which ended in 2012 allowed him to move from a turnover of 700 million euros to 1,500 million and the second, Mutation Strategic Plan, Will end this year and is twofold. On the one hand, make a great company Econocom European services and, secondly, double the size of the company which has already occurred multiplying its turnover almost for 4 and for 6 recurring operating income.

With regard to this bid to become a service company, of 2,536 million achieved by the Group in the last year, 802 million have originated from this part of its business. Another factor that reflects this commitment to this part of your business is that of the 10,000 employees available to its staff, 7,500 are dedicated to this area. With regard to Spain, the workforce is made up of 850 people and 550 are dedicated to services.

Next September, the Group will unveil its new strategic plan, called e como ExcellenceWhich will have as main objectives: to improve the excellence of its portfolio of solutions, its delivery and its European geographic coverage, with France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands the most strategic countries, and will strengthen its presence in Britain and Germany.

"This quintessential going to look completing an offer of more cross-solutions. Econocom has a unique business model that includes distribution capabilities, service, advice and funding can focus on major projects to design, implement them, run them, support them and fund them, "said Angel Benguigui, CEO of Econocom Group in Spain.

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By • 31 Mar, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Business

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