This family addresses the challenges of integrating and managing the AV signal is transmitted over Ethernet. It consists of five teams designed to distribute video 4K / UHD and audio.

The family OmniStream Atlona It consists of five different products to integrate and distribute video 4K / UHD and audio, and control via RS-232 Gigabit Ethernet networks using common network switches.

Line OmniStream provides various functions such as encoding and decoding of high-density dual channel networks and continuous streams of audiovisual data (streams) redundant distribution of encrypted content, resistance network errors, video compression 4K broadcast quality and low latency, and the ability to stream video and audio 4K Dante simultaneously over the same network.

“Creamos OmniStream como plataforma completamente nueva para la distribución fiable de vídeo 4K de alto rendimiento en instalaciones de red que abarcan toda una empresa. Redefine la distribución audiovisual sobre redes IP y aborda los retos que supone integrar y gestionar la señal audiovisual que se transmite por Ethernet. Ofrece el rendimiento y la fiabilidad de las tecnologías audiovisuales tradicionales y satisface las exigencias técnicas de los profesionales del campo audiovisual así como de los administradores de TI”, explica David Shamir, director de gestión de productos de Atlona.

According to Shamir, OmniStream approach based on the network allows virtually unlimited scalability and low cost of integration, advantages not available with conventional technology matrix switches. "The new range is perfectly suited for audiovisual signal interconnect between multiple rooms and floors of an entire building and widely through a corporate or university campus".

Dual-channel technology

An encoding and decoding dual channel allows each OmniStream OmniStream 122 112 and processing two video streams 4K / UHD in a single frame having half width.

Dual channel components can also be configured for redundancy of the system, so that each encoder and decoder operate two streams which come simultaneously from the same HDMI source.

The two separate streams are coded and decoded simultaneously and when a fault of physical or logical connection is detected in a primary flow, the decoder automatically switches to the secondary flow reserve.

Video Compression

OmniStream provides video compression SMPTE VC-2 (SMPTE 2042), visually lossless codec originally developed by the BBC for high quality images in the video distribution from the main control as well as post-production and archival storage.

OmniStream offers the range of lowest latency encoding and decoding of any professional codec in the audiovisual industry, a delay of half-frame or 9 ms for video signals of 60Hz, making it the smart choice for applications requiring precise synchronization audio and video content such as real-time and continuous.

Performance and Reliability

To provide optimal performance and reliability, OmniStream has error correction SMPTE 2022, which protects the loss of data packets and the resulting drop signal that can occur in large scale applications that span multiple networks.

Also available encryption standard AES-128 selectable content to protect susceptible / sensitive or protected by governments, military or health agencies and corporate environments character.

Dante audio integration

All encoders OmniStream transmit audiovisual embedded audio via HDMI, including Dolby and DTS multichannel formats.

The network interface of OmniStream Dante 232 can be used to transmit and receive two audio channels network. You can also integrate sources such as microphones and computers to a digital signal processor (DSP) device, as well as a great Dante system.

In advanced projects you can use a combination of OmniStream AV devices to route signals IP and Dante audio signals simultaneously on the same network.

professional audiovisual integration

OmniStream is designed with a lot of functions essential to rationalize and optimize audiovisual integration.

Decoders have the ability to increase or decrease 4K video scale high performance video processing 4: 4: 4 and preserve the integrity of all color computer-generated content. They can also make downmix, reduce the number of multichannel audio channels and produce outputs separate two-channel audio.

There are automatic control screen available on the AV encoder via the RS-232 and CEC interfaces. In addition, OmniStream provides the option to display a logo provided by the user, an image full screen or scrolling text vertically.

To simplify system integration and to minimize costs, OmniStream devices can receive power through a Gigabit PoE switch, or by a dedicated power supply.

They are configured using AMS (Atlona Management System) for free, which also serves as a centralized repository for managers or system administrators can monitoirzar and manage the system OmniStream width of an installation site available.

Gama OmniStream:

  • 111 (Omni-AT-111) AV encoder in a channel network.
  • 112 (Omni-AT-112) Encoder AV network of two channels.
  • 121 (Omni-AT-121) AV decoder in a channel network.
  • 122 (Omni-AT-122) AV decoder network of two channels.
  • 232 (Omni-AT-232) interface for Dante network audio, two channels.

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