Among the equipment are implemented AT-61 and AT-07 models and passive subwoofers AS-10. Outside parking has chosen the LX-100 line and inside the ultra compact LX-10. The installation is completed with LX-60 systems and two subwoofers that provide sound accompaniment to a giant screen Led is located outside.

Since opening last year, the mall Fan Mallorca It has become one of the most innovative areas in Europe for sale. Located on the outskirts of the city, it offers a wide range of shops, a large supermarket, a cinema complex, a center of adventure and entertainment, and restaurants.

Fan Mallorca has set a goal to offer visitors a shopping mall can experience with the five senses. With this goal are many that have been implemented audiovisual systems.

One of the most striking experiences relates to audio infrastructure based on a fiber optic network Cobranet and whose systems are controlled by MediaMatrix Nion processors. As we published in Digital AV Magazine, Is one of the most complex sound installations that has been done in a mall and in whose development they have collaborated Flüge and Neotecnica.

The experience of "acoustic buying" that has been implemented allows music you hear suits the conditions the daily rhythm of the heart, with changes affecting elements such as weather, time or number of people who visit in every moment.

This innovative initiative play a leading role speakers Fohhn which they have been installed in all areas, both outside and inside. Installation equipment integrates 74 AT-61 and AT-07 12 and AS-10 subwoofers liabilities.

In addition, the equipment 20 LX-100 line were installed in the external parking, particularly in lampposts, in groups of four. The indoor parking area, consisting of several plants has been equipped with the ultra compact LX-10 speakers.

This audio installation is completed with the LX-60 compact speakers and two subwoofers that provide sound support for a giant LED screen that is located abroad.

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By • 5 Apr, 2017
• Section: Audio, Cases of study

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