This is a cardioid condenser with an output coupled to the transformer providing a very smooth sound character and ensures high SPL handling without overloading mic preamps or console inputs.

Audio-Technica It is presenting in Prolight + Sound 2017, being held in Frankfurt until 7 April, the third model in its range of 50 Series studio microphones After the vocal microphone AT5040 and AT5045 condenser the instrument, the AT5047 expands the scope of line with its high dynamic performance.

Based on the design of four rectangular diaphragms of the AT5040, the AT5047 is a cardioid condenser with a coupled transformer providing a remarkably smooth sound character and ensures handling high SPL without the risk of overloading mic preamps output or inputs console.

With its ability to cope with large variations in dynamic range, the new model is designed for high performance, from brushes in battery boxes powerful vocals, guitar amps or wind instruments.

Like the rest of the 50 series, the AT5047 is hand assembled and designed in aluminum and brass, with a support of advanced internal anti-shock uncoupling microphone capsule body. AT8480 stand design, including the AT5047, also ensures the isolation of shock and vibration transmitted in the study.

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By • 6 Apr, 2017
• Section: Audio, Events

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