This meeting took place on the occasion of the celebration of its first technological days and that manufacturers have used to publicize developments will be this year in the Spanish market.

The company's IT product distribution in Europe and Scandinavian manufacturer of technology, TSE Europarts, It has held its first technology conference at its offices in Madrid.

EET Europarts called different technology manufacturers market ProAV, digital signage and video surveillance, and several of its customers to participate in a conference, held on 28 and 29 March, where speakers have had the opportunity to present their solutions to try to open business vision attendees.

During these days they have released new products that will be on the market this year. Milestone He presented its videowall solutions for video surveillance installations, and showed, through a case study, how it is used in controlling logistics.

English manufacturer TriplePlay, Meanwhile, he talked about a solution that is applicable both in the digital environment sigange as in IPTV, as well as showing its range of integrations with mobile devices.

B-Tech He used his time to present their systems for video monitors individual facilities, along with possible combinations implementation in wall, ceiling and mobile media. He could also see specialized in managing signs manufacturer, Kramer which came with solutions related to the vulnerability posed by KVM and HDMI connections for safety.

On the other hand, Userful, A leading software companies to perform videowalls, both conventional and decorative, based on the use of customers Zero, taught simplicity and versatility of its solutions.

These days EET Europarts technology also served for speakers could present their views on different aspects of the market that direct their activity. Leyard, Maker of LED, said current technologies for LED screens, monitors and buckets, as well as the different formulas that allow you to choose the best solution for customers. There was also a talk Viafibraoptica on what are usually the most common mistakes and how to avoid when installing fiber optics.

Other speakers placed more emphasis on how to use their solutions to other sectors, in order to open the range of customers. It is the case NEC raised as the use of its range of monitors which incorporate the RasberryPi card, opens a wide range of options for developing new applications.

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By • 6 Apr, 2017
• Section: Accessories, Control, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Security

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