In the new center it has installed a production system that includes four robotic cameras PTZ KY-PZ100 JVC Professional Video, along with the 2 camera drivers RM-LP100. Each chamber is connected by optical fiber to a router Smart Videohub BlackMagic Design. The image processing is performed with FastBreak and Rewind of DVsport tools.

The new training center of the Dallas Mavericks has installed a complex production system that is used to evaluate players and as well as those involved in the drafts of the basketball league NBA.

In order to monitor workouts they have installed four robotic cameras PTZ KY-PZ100 JVC Professional Video, JVCKenwood division, along with the 2 camera drivers RM-LP100.

Dallas Mavericks moved to this new training center in October 2016, just to start the new season. Located on the same street as the American Airlines Center, the stadium where the Mavericks made the games, the training center is composed of two fields, located next to each other, each of which is equipped with two additional baskets.

The new building also has gyms and weight rooms, meeting rooms and also houses the offices of the coaches. Each court has a PTZ camera located in a back corner and mid distance. The camera at the back can provide coverage of the entire track, although in reality, an operator is responsible to monitor closely the actions of the player using the remote control RM-LP100 using the 30x optical zoom KY-PZ100.

Justin Rudd, vice president of DVsport, which carried out engineering and integration of robotic cameras in the system of production training center, said the JVC cameras was the ideal solution for the team's needs thanks to its streaming capabilities integrated its wide-angle lens, image quality and direct recording on SDHC / SDXC cards.

Eight baskets spread over two courts, the area to be covered was really a challenge for all 4 cameras. "The walls are too close to the tracks themselves, so when you take pictures must be very aware and recognize the angle that catches because of the distance," says Rudd.

The images obtained are treated with the software for coaches FastBreak of DVsport, which allows staff to track or in the studio access and filter images by cuts to study in detail each player individually or in groups.

The Dallas Mavericks also use the Rewind DVsport software, which provides access through tablets, images almost in real time while holding a meeting or training itself. Each chamber is connected by optical fiber to a router Smart Videohub BlackMagic Design, to adjust each camera from any controller.

The web interface of the router BlackMagic Design also provides easy access to remote controls JVC cameras and their features direct recording on built-cards. The cameras are responsible for registering any activity that is done on the tracks, both official and unofficial, at the request of the club.

Previously, if a player wanted additional time during a workout, someone from the production team had to go and burn. Now with the JVC cameras including IP connectivity, simply a member of the production team access the system through its web interface and record the session. Club officials can also watch training at any time via a secure web connection.

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By • 7 Apr, 2017
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