More than 890 establishments distributed by both countries, with a total of 8,500 screens and 124 different sets of information and digital content make this ambitious project whose operational defined and structured to detail the specialist.

Restaurants fast food Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in United Kingdom and Ireland have faced changing traditional print menu to a digital format in more than 890 establishments in order to improve the visibility of their proposals to clients and update content and promotional information in real time.

One of the requirements to solve is that this chain operates about 124 different versions of information (coins, brands of coffee, ice cream, soft drinks ...) and all have to be exchanged, modified and removed quickly and easily according to mark the operation of each establishment.

It specialist Painters Digital Signage He has done all the digital KFC project, from the preliminary study, which began in 2015, to operations and service management to date. In total programmed a complete system of marketing for more than 890 establishments, with 8,500 digital displays and 124 different groups, with multiple slots, closing and self-opening, maintenance, control, categories of materials, videos and a control system error, etc. which it is structured as follows:

Fujitsu's TELentice Enterprise: lets you create and associate for setting a specific time each opening and closing, and set up slots. This tool also generates booking and registration material as well as the distribution server that communicates with each of the establishments.

This system contains and serves all content and programming. The setting is very detailed, as it facilitates the creation of a true corporate digital signage network. The creation of reserves and recording content are very quick tasks that allow multiple users to manage the server at the same time.

Maler Store Menu builder: It is the core of planning programming KFC. It contains each group, each panel contingency and planograms time slots. Both the marketing department this fast food chain, as the contents planner can use the system to assign the content requirements for each of the groups KFC programming.

The system comes with a set of preconfigured rules that force users to use the correct terminology, assign content to players and video formats preapproved. Unless all controls are in place, the system will not allow programming to be distributed.

Una vez que los organizadores han completado la programación, el constructor generará todos los planes de programación y preparará todos los archivos correspondientes para su inclusión en TELentice, el registro, la programación y la distribución. De esta manera, se validará y generará.

The hardware chosen by KFC UK and Ireland has exceeded several months of testing and detailed settings, during which Maler Digital Signage has tested the panels and computers from all major hardware vendors; He has analyzed every detail of its configuration, to the extent of requesting multiple versions of firmware and drivers to ensure that the hardware meets the highest requirements and standards of client work.

The distribution process of the entire project is fully monitored in real time through four interfaces:

TELentice Enterprise Distribution Server: which allows to know which establishments reported downloading new content and schedules, and perform again those who have failed.

Distribution monitor: when each of the establishments starts downloading reports thereon to TELentice Distribution Monitor, indicating how the process of downloading and the number of days and hours of content that stays on the players.

Regular player monitoring: each process informs every sixty seconds over fifty columns of information system and network of digital signage.

Remote web interface: Remote reading information from any TELentice Server Monitor and prepares a consultation web interface attractive and very agile.

The proposal of this comprehensive and versatile solution has been one of the main arguments of those responsible for KFC UK and Ireland to select Maler Digital Signage, who has worked on every detail of the software platform digital menu: OS, tests hardware and software, registry content, distribution and maintenance test.

Algunos de los diferenciales del proyecto de menú digital de KFC respecto a otros es que los requisitos del mismo (ordenador/panel) se han ampliado desde un solo menú por ordenador/pantalla a variadas franjas horarias. Un menú múltiple con un completo sistema hardware y software de contingencia que permite a más de 890 tiendas distribuidas en diferentes redes que puedan programarse y actualizarse en cuestión de horas.

In addition, the system allows up to twenty different daily menus that can be changed within seconds of receiving the request. All project details are fully monitored digital menu every sixty seconds, 24/7 service from a single record content to distribution to complete retransmission.

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By • 10 Apr, 2017
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