Among the teams that were used in this event highlights a large screen format A3 Absen 3.9 mm over 10 meters base, 8 monitors 80 "and 21 15-inch used. the sound system line array Meyer Melodie and Teleprompter service was also used.

The last General Meeting of Shareholders of Banco de Sabadell has had more than one thousand participants, including shareholders and representatives. This is one of the most important events of the corporation where the audiovisual infrastructure used is a key element.

To perform the event it included involving Sono that as AV partner was responsible, rental of audiovisual equipment among which are large format screen Absen A3 3.9 mm pixel pitch of more than 10 meters base, eight 80-inch monitors that served as reinforcement for monitoring public and 21 15-inch monitors used for the presidency of the Board. the sound system also was used with line array Meyer Melodie Teleprompter and service.

For this year, we have worked with Keynote presentations customized to provide greater flexibility and control to the speakers, achieving a high quality result with respect to graphic design, distribution and exhibition of graphics and image. Sono was also responsible for the flash content.

Simultaneous translation system, two booths and 150 receivers allowed to follow the development of the event both in Castilian and English. The realization of the event was three cameras and conducted its live broadcast streaming into three languages ​​(Castilian, Catalan and English) incorporating monitoring the translation into sign language.

Sono was also responsible for attendance, installation and control of adjoining rooms for both the location of the press and for VIP attendees.

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By • 10 Apr, 2017
• Section: Audio, Cases of study, Display, Streaming Media

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