Offer a personalized and interactive sports experience is the concept that the company Notice Branded Media proposes to FunXtion Experience Station, which has been installed in more than 150 fitness centers in seven countries, including Spain, for using screens and digital kiosks systems multimedia for this manufacturer.

Experience FunXtion Station is a new concept in the form of sports and coaching Notice Branded Media He began in the Netherlands, home of the company, in which visual interactive technology based on digital kiosks screens 55 "is a key element of this new experience. Currently there are more than 150 gyms in seven countries (including source, with a hundred centers) who have adopted this concept, like Spain, UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The idea created by this company is to offer a virtual personal training system -through digital kiosks and screens that are managed with media players BrightSign- allowing users to work safely, to challenges and track and analyze your workouts.

También es posible realizar entrenamientos en grupo, para lo cual se utilizan dos o más pantallas digitales que proporcionan contenido de vídeo sincronizado bajo el control de los reproductores multimedia. Los usuarios se conectan a Experience Station usando una pulsera RFID para acceder a una amplia gama personalizada de ejercicios, que se muestran en detalle y para iniciar el entrenamiento en una pantalla de 55 “, que también puede controlarse de manera táctil.

Hans de Boer, director of sales Notice Branded Media, explains "the player BrightSign manages the whole experience: recognizes the client through the RFID bracelet, selects and delivers the video adequate training from a library of over a thousand; monitors the progress of training, for example through the heartbeat of the customer, and when not in use, the digital kiosk can display promotions and advertising. "

Experience FunXtion Station was created at the beginning with BrightSign media player 4K1042, but since this manufacturer introduced on the market 3 Series, makers Notice Branded Media using the model XT1143, which offers more advantages.

Harry Wiertz, director de innovación de Notice Branded Media, puntualiza al respecto: “tenemos una extensa biblioteca de contenido, con más de mil videoclips. Cada ejercicio se completa con un vídeo que explica cómo realizarlo, junto con otros para celebrar el éxito y que ofrecen el conteo. En los reproductores originales usamos tarjetas de 64 GB SD y compresión H.265 para reducir el tamaño del archivo en un 50%, pero los nuevos disponen de un puerto M2 que nos permite instalar una unidad Sata SSD”.

Another significant advantage of the XT1143 "players is that they are much faster and, above all, incorporating HTML5, which allows us to use complex and memory intensive content, with layers of streaming video and live TV to further enrich the experience user "said Wiertz.

You can make your workout as you like best, absolutely personalized or shared with other users way, and continuously and in real time see your heart rate, which includes the MyZone band that puts on chest and is connected in turn WiFi network with gym.

Ernst Neef, creator of FunXtion concept "Experience our vision is to train Station and have fun like a game. Far from having a screen without more, we offer a dynamic and educational content that encourages the user to interact both individually and in groups, and although it is for anyone, is really aimed at millennials. BrightSign player is the center of an ecosystem that includes an integrated application -My FunXtion- and an online account accessible from the desktop to a group of users from any device "

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By • 12 Apr, 2017
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