Maverick Solutions division professional audio and video Tech Data offers exclusive distribution channel of Spain a kit that includes Microsoft Surface Pro 4 completely preconfigured a dock station and a videoconferencing system Logitech and all necessary software.

Solutions Division professional audio and video Tech Data It is available for distribution channel Skype Spanish Room System, a solution specifically designed to provide an immersive experience with Skype for Business (more data Digital AV Magazine). As a European partner chosen by Microsoft and Logitech, Maverick exclusively distribute this new kit, which includes a fully preconfigured Surface Pro 4, a docking station and a videoconferencing system, the latter of Logitech.

Joan Aixa, director of Maverick Iberia, "Skype Room System offer the channel in Spain a modern and easy system that will allow them to bring the collaborative experience of Skype to every meeting, including a 'docking' and explains video collaboration system, along with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ready to use ".

Skype Room System is customizable and flexible, and is suitable for rooms up to twenty people. "In Maverick we have found the ideal place to develop a professional solution that will reach a high volume of customers Christophe He points Meline, director Logitech- video collaboration partner. Specialized treatment offered by this division, along with Tech Data resources enable us to deliver a choice of video collaboration without competition. "

In addition, Maverick offers customers multiple online training tools so they can get to know the solution and benefit from a 'go to market' cash and resellers can request demo units with special conditions.

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By • 12 Apr, 2017
• Section: Business, Telepresence / videoconferencing

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