Designed for training professional and semi-professional racers, this simulator has the virtual reality technology for greater immersion in the environment, making the experience more realistic and the thrill of driving a real motorcycle Large displacement is transmitted in a race.

In collaboration Schneider ElectricThe XBS startup has developed a simulator electric motorcycle GP and sustainable under the premise of open innovation and collaboration. It has 5 axes, allowing emulate skids, inverted, seahorses, acceleration and folded, with a feeling of over 200 kilometers per hour.

This simulator, which allows you to feel the thrill of driving a motorcycle Large displacement on a racetrack, is designed through the joint collaboration of Schneider Electric Training Institute (ISEF), XBS and help students of La Salle and Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
XBS is a start-up formed by two Catalan entrepreneurs who from his garage started working on creating Moto GP simulators for training of professional and semi-professional pilots.

The result is a simulator Moto GP electric only, with faster response, more efficient and connected to the network phase. It is a solution where technology servo electric drives and control system used Schneider Electric.

It consists of three main elements. The mechanical part with the fairing of a motorcycle 1000 Real cc, which has been placed in a mechanical system of 5 axes and allows the computer to simulate any movement that can make a real motorcycle: acceleration / braking, horse / Inverted horse, back / forward and folded skidding movement, reaching 60%.

These movements are achieved through the mechanical interconnection of different servomotor, electric axes, the simulator designed to support users of up to 100 kilos.

User interaction with handlebar steering, acceleration and braking grip and tilt the bike and the other buttons is sent to the PC via an electronic card. And thanks to a computer program, the computer breaks down motion values ​​of each of the electrical axes of the simulator and are sent via Ethernet / OPC, in a tight cycle time (<10ms) to be imperceptible to the user , the PLC governing the control of each of the axes.

This technology allows the user to live a realistic experience and feel the thrill of being truly leading a large displacement motorcycle on a racetrack.

Schneider Electric solution

Among the challenges of the project it was to move from the usual three axes to five, which would allow live the real experience of driving a real Moto GP in a simulation process.

To carry out the mechanical part has opted for installing Servomotors and Servo Drivers (single phase power) Lexium range 32 Schneider Electric. With five Lexium 32 can control the movement of five linear axes PAS4x or MAXR of Schneider Electric.

El cuadro de control dispone de todas las protecciones eléctricas de Schneider Electric necesarias para cada uno de los ejes. Las órdenes de movimiento de cada uno de los ejes las proporciona un controlador lógico (PLC), el modelo Modicon M241 de Schneider Electric, a través de un bus CanOpen. El PLC recoge la posición de cada uno de los ejes y las envía a través Ethernet y por OPC-DA al PC y recibe las órdenes de movimiento desde el ordenador.

La interfaz de control para los diferentes modos de juego se puede realizar a través de una pantalla HMI instalada en el cuadro de control y también a través de un webserver, conectándolo vía WiFi al PLC. Con los datos recibidos desde el PLC y los datos del manillar de la moto, el PC interactúa a través de una aplicación informática. Esto permite diferentes modos de funcionamiento o la posibilidad de cargar telemetrías reales para el perfeccionamiento del piloto en un circuito en particular.

Finally, it has introduced virtual reality technology for greater immersion in the environment and to make the experience more realistic and the thrill of driving a real motorcycle Large displacement on a race track is transmitted.

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By • 18 Apr, 2017
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