Technological wholesaler adds to its enterprise offering Internet of Things platform software solutions this company, ranging from device connectivity to switchboards and analysis systems in order to offer its channel partners the ability to create and innovate services in this environment.

Through his company Technology Solutions, Formerly a division of Avnet, Wholesale Tech Data It has signed an agreement with the provider of IoT Relays (Based in Berlin) to offer its middleware platform IoT its EMEA partners.

Specifically, relayr offers a full range of software solutions, ranging from management and device connectivity to the control panels and addition and integration of data analysis devices with third party applications, all it included in architecture and structured methodology to help customers accelerate the transition from prototype to production with IoT.

Esta plataforma armoniza flujos de datos heterogéneos para que los creadores de soluciones de IoT (normalmente, fabricantes de dispositivos, desarrolladores de aplicaciones y empresas de software) puedan innovar de una manera más sencilla. Como interfaz para lograrlo, relayr ha desarrollado la metodología de consultoría 5-4-3-IoT, que estructura el enfoque de un proveedor de soluciones para enfrentarse a un proyecto de estas características.

As Víctor Paradell, vice president of TDSmart IoT and EMEA analysis Tech Data, said "the incorporation of relayr is proof of the winning combination of Tech Data and Avnet TS and its commitment to provide channel partners an offer of IoT edge to enable services and innovation "

In this line, the director of solutions and services for this wholesale IoT EMEA, Craig Smith, stressed that "we have seen how IoT projects, well-studied and implemented, dramatically improve business processes to increase productivity and efficiency. IoT innovation is even reinventing business models for end customers. With this partnership, companies can connect active and old products to the cloud, allowing innovate the way they get information for your business or offer new services to their customers. "

Para ayudar a acelerar el proceso de desarrollo de conceptos, la empresa Technology Solutions proporcionará a sus asociados kits de inicio con la tecnología de relayr, que incluyen hardware de puerta de enlace de IoT y sensores de clase industrial. “Además, también tendrán acceso a los talleres IoT Kickstart Workshops, donde dispondrán de información, conocimientos y consejos prácticos que pueden aprovechar para sus proyectos de IoT”, puntualiza Smith.

La firma de este acuerdo, como asegura Josef Brunner, consejero delegado de relayr, “es un complemento perfecto para nuestras soluciones y asesoría de IoT. Además, Technology Solutions y su ecosistema de canal aporta una increíble profundidad en diferentes áreas tecnológicas, y esperamos alcanzar y acelerar el éxito que ya hemos visto en los sectores de transporte, gobierno, fabricación y comercio en el IoT industrial”.

Technology Solutions, which had already signed an agreement with relayr in the United States in November 2016, continues to push its proposal IoT with the expansion of the association. It will provide practical sales training for channel partners on offering products door Cisco relayr, middleware and sensors for industrial and consumer level link.

In addition, we must remember that the wholesaler announced in July last year its new line of activity Internet of Things, Smart IoT Solutions by Tech Data, designed to enable system integrators, value-added resellers (VARs) and service providers managed (MSP) to create their companies IoT.

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By • 18 Apr, 2017
• Section: Distribution signals, Business, Networks

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