Designed for demanding environments, combining an original design, a wide range of the company's own technologies and a wide choice of settings that allow be optimized depending on the acoustics of the listening room.

Focal Professional It has redefined the concept of nearfield monitors and highlights this in its new line Shape, presented in Musikmesse 2017, which was held in Frankfurt between 11 and 14 April, and consists of three models: Shape 40, 50 and 65.

It is an ideal solution first to listen very near field, from 60 cm, and offers an amazing bass response; while the Shape 50 is the most versatile monitor. It can be used in listening from 80 cm and provides extensive low frequency response even in small rooms. The shape model 65 is the reference line. Although it is designed for close listening, this monitor offers high quality monitoring throughout the frequency spectrum.

All models offer Class AB amplification to provide optimum control all the dynamic range of the audio signal. Each monitor carries a shelving filter for low frequencies. The crossover at 160 Hz (+/- 3 dB) allows correction of spurious reflection due to the collation of the monitors on a mixer or reverberant areas. In addition they are equipped with a high-pass filter adjustable.

The Shape monitors are presented with four spike feet rubber finishing to improve insulation with the contact surface. And they feature two protective grids that do not require tools to be removed.

These devices include passive radiators and double new woofers and tweeters. Designed for demanding environments combine a wide range of Focal own technologies and a wide choice of settings to be optimized depending on the acoustics of the listening room.

The development of technologies is part of drivers Focal DNA. The new sandwich cones Flax are composed of two materials: glass fiber and flax fiber. Combined sandwiched (a layer of flax fibers is between two layers of glass fiber) provide high rigidity, light weight and a very low elasticity. These materials provide an improvement over Polyglass cones of its predecessors CMS.

Focal, whose brand is distributed by NeotecnicaIt has improved tweeter inverted dome aluminum magnesium with two mechanical innovations: the new M-shaped tweeter and a suspending dedicated, as used in the tweeters of SM6 and SM9 lines.

El tweeter invertido M-shaped ofrece una directividad incluso más baja que el original tweeter de cúpula invertida, lo que se traduce en una mayor flexibildad a la hora de la ubicación de los monitores para su escucha. Además, proporciona una mayor rigidez, reduciendo posibles distorsiones. Sumado a esto, el suspensor Poron permite una curva de respuesta mucho más lineal por debajo de 6kHz. Por otra parte, el cajeado ha sido diseñado para proporcionar una óptima directividad tanto horizontal como verticalmente.

Double passive radiator is a solution that allows to combine, in one monitor, a compact enclosure with a wide low frequency response, which facilitates comfortable listening location according to the characteristics of the study.

When systems with bass reflex ports meet its limits in terms of integration (one long enough to match the port area required), the passive radiator becomes the ideal solution. Furthermore, due to its low frequency tuning it allows monitors can be placed very close to a wall.

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By • 19 Apr, 2017
• Section: Audio

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