To create an experience that sought to impact and notoriety, LG Neo used two large screens equipped with cameras with Kinect technology and a sensor developed by TC Group, discerning whether the player was male or female.

On the occasion of its annual convention agencies, Reale Seguros developed an experience that sought his agents feel closer to the mark. Neo Advertising was the company responsible for achieving this objective with a set of Kinect and professional displays large format LG. The aim was that those attending the event, held in Bilbao on 23 February, they felt like they were in front of a goal in a stadium filled with the thrill of scoring the goal of victory.

For this, two LG screens 65 and 98 inches in each Bilbao hotel where the convention was taking place were placed. He provided them with cameras equipped with Kinect and sensor technology, developed by TC GroupWhich established if the player was a man or a woman through a small-sized camera and a processor capable of running complex intelligent algorithms.

With this initiative, Neo was able to create a game where the person is recognized before departure. Once started, the player had three attempts to shoot, score a goal and unlock access to the 'secrets' of the convention: a menu where you could sail to discover the schedule of activities and people involved in the event.

The whole game was designed and implemented by the team of Neo, with the help of TC Group and LG, considering customer needs and how to create an experience that would link the brand with its agents, while offering information relevant to the convention.

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By • 19 Apr, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display

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