The new show of this dance and percussion group that hosts the Madrid theater Rialto, new feature a storyline based on the songs of the duo Estopa and wireless technology of this manufacturer to move freely around the stage.

Maintaining its essence with dance, rhythm and percussion, Mayumana renews and brings with 'Rumba!', His new show at the Rialto Theater Gran Via in Madrid, a new proposal to the viewer, because it adds a storyline based in the songs of Bast, whose music provides the soundtrack to the show band.

Produced by the Spanish company and operator of private theaters WHO Produce and interpreted by a large group of artists who sing, dance and play all the instruments to generate a rhythmic and visual show that distinguishes all Mayumana shows have already enjoyed 'Rumba!' one million viewers in Spain.

Precisely for bringing audio quality to every seat theater, the sound designer of the show, Javier Isequilla, has relied on wireless technology TG1000 systems of the German mark BeyerdynamicWith a total of twenty wireless channels for the voices of both artists Mayumana, as certain instruments that need mobility (electric guitars, bass, accordion and surdos).

"If I have to point out something explains Javier Isequilla-, is the reliability and robustness of the radio frequency and ease of TG1000 to auto-tune in spaces that are free of the spectrum."

These systems have been supplied by Proyect-Arte, One of the first rental companies in Europe to choose TG1000 for beyerdynamic product range, and at present over sixty channels of this system in its stock, as the manager of this company, David Castelló.

The Beyerdynamic TG 1000 system, whose systems distributed in the Spanish market Pro wordsWith 24-bit resolution and total latency of 2.1 ms, it offers the perfect functionality for direct.

Thanks to the bandwidth of 319 MHz in the UHF band (470-789 MHz), can be used not only in theater but on tours, and also enables all dual receivers are exactly alike, without thinking about banks frequency.

It supports simultaneous use of up to 150 wireless channels with the same model receiver. Add to this the announcement of the German brand, starting next May, will lead all receivers built TG1000 Dante adds.

The production of this show also features other microphones of beyerdynamic, like cannon MCE85, which serve to capture the details of what happens on stage, as well as the legendary M160 tape, which is used in the two sets of percussion the show.

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By • 26 Apr, 2017
• Section: Audio, AV Conferencing, Cases of study, Events

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