On the tenth anniversary of this event, which will take place on May 11 in Madrid, the company will show in detail the basis on which your proposal is structured to accelerate the digital transformation of organizations in all sectors, in Intel is its main strategic ally.

Connectivity, security, automation, analytics and collaboration are the key pillars of the proposed digital platform Cisco to create new business models and reinventing the customer experience and workers, in addition to the theme of its annual event ConnectWhich held next May 11 for the tenth consecutive year, and in its traditional setting: the Kinepolis cinemas in Madrid.

The event, which plan to maintain an attendance of about 2,200 professionals "because there is no more space," said José Manuel Petisco, CEO of Cisco Spain, with the active collaboration of Intel, "Which is our main strategic alliance and we have been working together for many years", as well as other 36 partners.

En estos diez años de Cisco Connect, la red y los planteamientos de las organizaciones han cambiado y “estamos en un proceso de transformación -explica Petisco-, cuya base es la hiperconectividad. Una plataforma digital, que es el lema de este año, que engloba no sólo una red conectada, sino tecnologías cloud, big data, seguridad, automatización y colaboración, con una gestión lo menos compleja posible, que abarca desde el data center y el cloud hasta el extremo y cada dispositivo”.

Según los datos facilitados en la presentación del evento por este directivo, la digitalización de Europa podría aportar 2,5 billones de euros a la economía para 2025; reducir los costes de la Administración un 20% e incrementar la productividad de la industria otro 20%, un valor que en España podría alcanzar 350.000 millones de euros (250.000 para el sector privado y 100.000 para el público) entre 2015 y 2025, atendiendo a fuentes de Ametic y de Cisco.

Therefore urges Petisco this value is captured and organizations to "reinvent their business models, create new customer experiences and enhance collaboration and innovation among its employees. And for this new digital platform that combines technology, digital solutions for vertical sectors and an ecosystem of developers and integrators "it is needed.

Digital transformation program

With a highly practical, the day Connect 2017 will feature presentations, demonstrations and case studies to learn in detail how to adopt digital and business-oriented platform with a total of thirty demos in which technology and practical application to sectors such as retail, digital workplace, higher education, smart cities or factory connected, set the tone.

Specifically, Campofrio show its transformation as factory 4.0; intelligent and connected lighting management Torre Europa in Madrid building by Philips Lighting; the advantages of the mobile network for tracking visitors has deployed Port Aventura, or employee collaboration solution in its transformation to digital office Selenta Group in its nine hotels and the venue.

In addition, there will also be at the event with a space dedicated to developers and integrators of applications (Cisco DevNet) and an operations center that will display statistics on the day by analytical network in real time, and the traditional exhibition area.

Next paradigm: Artificial intelligence

As the main sponsor of this event, the CEO of Intel for Spain and Portugal, Carlos Clerencia, he said his company is focusing its innovation in developing more complex processors that quickly provide data and learn based on parameters, deep learning, since " artificial intelligence is the next paradigm in computing terms, and much remains to be done. "

Clerencia pointed to the ability of neural networks to process massive amounts of data and therefore is working on the development of libraries to handle large workloads.

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By • 27 Apr, 2017
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