These new systems manufacturer offer great flexibility and scalability for application in rooms of medium and large gatherings, especially suitable for live events.

Microphonic transmitter ULXD6 surface and gooseneck ULXD8, extend the ULX-D digital wireless system Shure, Providing optimum sound quality, low latency, signal stability, spectral efficiency and high encryption technology.

Both systems, the manufacturer announced ISE 2017 and will be available this summer in the Iberian market through EarPro, Working in the frequency band UHF TV and other for operation in different countries or environments where the frequency bands are already used Microflex Wireless or unavailable.

In convention centers, hotels and educational and corporate environments, handheld microphones or lapel are often the default options, although the surface or gooseneck would be the most practical and convenient alternative for all participants involved in a meeting or event live.

Con estos dos transmisores ULX-D de superficie y de cuello de cisne ULX-D, Shure ofrece ahora opciones inalámbricas potentes, flexibles y escalables, compatibles con los receptores digitales ULX-D y QLX-D. Cuando se usan con receptores ULX-D en modo de alta densidad, los usuarios pueden conseguir recuentos de cien o más canales. Para debates confidenciales que requieren una transmisión segura, se cuenta con encriptado AES-256.

Nick Wood, director of Shure wireless category, remember that "when we present ULX-D a few years ago, it was clear that this digital platform would offer exceptional audio quality, making it an extremely efficient use of spectrum. This combination, along with features like Dante network connection and encryption have been a great choice for professional users worldwide. We realized that there was a strong demand for intuitive elements when configure and manage surface. With these new transmitters, fully compatible with QLX-D, we have resolved. "

De diseño discreto, sencillo montaje y fácil configuración, características esenciales para reuniones y eventos, los transmisores ULXD6 y ULXD8 ofrecen un amplio rango de transmisión (hasta 100 metros) y una amplia selección de componentes de distribución de antena. Además, funcionan con baterías estándar AA o con recargables SB900A de Shure, con hasta nueve horas de funcionamiento.

SBC450 charging stations (four-port) and SBC850 (8-port) allow loading of four or eight transmitters ULXD6 and ULXD8, respectively, fast and convenient way, without removing the battery from the transmitters. Users can easily monitor and change across the network transmitter settings or install firmware updates while charging.

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By • 28 Apr, 2017
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