Thanks to its technology, based on monitoring parameters and physical conditions in real time, the company building is a 'living laboratory' to show customers, partners and visitors a variety of applications offered.

Control del parking, mejora de las condiciones y calidad de las condiciones ambientales, del agua, etc. son algunas de las aplicaciones que la compañía española Libelium tiene operativas en su sede de Zaragoza; un edificio conectado a través de su plataforma IoT, que permite la monitorización de diferentes parámetros y condiciones en tiempo real y que se ha convertido en un ‘laboratorio en vivo’ para mostrar a partners y clientes las aplicaciones verticales de la tecnología IoT.

In this sense, the intelligent building in Zaragoza Libelium provides real-time information on levels of air and noise pollution around and the environmental conditions of the interior, water quality, waste management, etc.

David Gascón, director of engineering Libelium, "with this project we wanted to make our headquarters in an intelligent building to explain clearly and simply how our technology and all solutions that can be implemented in the market quickly and reliably works explains ".

The installation consists of eight sensor platforms Waspmote Plug & Sense! Meshlium IoT connected to the Gateway, which is located in the area of ​​IoT showroom inside the building.

Outside it is installed Waspmote Plug & Sense light sensor! Ambient Control to control the intensity of sunlight, as well as the so-called Smart Cities, this same range, to monitor and control noise levels noise pollution as offices are located in an industrial area.

To measure levels of contamination is has sensors Smart Environment Pro O3, CO, SO2 and NO2, as well as integrated with the dust sensor material which further facilitates the control of climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity and external pressure .

In the parking area are the Waspmote Plug & Sense sensors! Smart Parking, which detect the places available and occupied for the user to see the LED illuminators while controlling soil conditions Smart Agriculture is used, and environmental conditions WS-300 (rain gauge, speed and direction wind).

Por turn inside the building have been deployed Libelium Water Smart sensors for measuring water parameters, in addition to ensuring the quality of the pond located at the reception with pH sensors, connectivity, oxidation potential, temperature, etc.

The production area has sensors Smart Cities to control waste management in the main container with the ultrasonic sensor. The platform installed in the store can collect information through Waspmote Plug & Sense! Smart Parking LoRaWan and send it to the base station.

The seven platforms deployed sensors communicate with the IoT through 802.15.4 Gateway, and all information is displayed on a viewing platform, also developed by this company, which is located in the showroom of Libelium.

Showroom IoT

To mark the tenth anniversary of Libelium, one of the initiatives was to create a showroom of IoT at its headquarters, which is divided into several areas where shown and explained the international strategy of the company, its value chain and commitment to interoperability, among other things.

This space "arose from the need to integrate into a single space the three hallmarks of Libelium: interoperability, internationalization and a large ecosystem", points out Alicia Asín, CEO of the company.

Libelium indicated by a large map dealers and major partners with which it works in real time and also most relevant cases of study that has made visual panels.

At a glance, visitors, parners and customers can check the large presence of the company in more than 120 countries and different projects the company has undertaken since 2016.

environment, water, agriculture, cities, parking, logistics, industry 4.0, trade and e-Health and its three product lines: in this showroom of IoT, the main vertical sectors in which the company operates are also shown Waspmote OEM , Waspmote Plug & Sense! and Meshlium IoT Gateway.

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By • 3 May, 2017
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