This international conference on digital transformation has doubled its space and expects to bring together more than 18,000 professionals who want to know more than one hundred business models that will be presented at the three-day conference, more than 180 conferences.

Innovation has returned to Madrid, as noted Luis Cueto, general coordinator of the mayor of Ayuntamiento de Madrid and chairman of the governing board IFEMADuring the presentation to the media of the second edition of Digital Business World Congress 2017 (OF), Which will take place from 23 to 25 of this month at IFEMA - Feria de Madrid, with plans to bring together some 18,000 professionals and generate an economic impact of 34 million euros, according to data from the organization.

"Madrid shows once again its commitment secured Cueto- -HA future. A future in which digital transformation unstoppable should always keep in focus to citizenship. We work for people and our steps have to keep in mind that goal: seize the opportunities offered by new technologies to improve the quality of life of our citizens. "

The new edition of this international meeting on digital transformation has the backing of references in the technology industry, such as Amazon, IBM, Intel, Google, Accenture and Deloitte, among others, they will show professional solutions for different sectors, such as banking , retail, telco, logistics, automotive, etc.

During these three days 180 lectures on strategy and technology trends, as blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), big data and analytics, cybersecurity, with the participation of over 450 international speakers will be given " to turn Madrid into the world capital of digital company. "

Lluis Altés, strategy director DES explains | Digital Business World Congress, "is a unique event in the world that addresses the digital transformation with a holistic approach that affects the company in all business areas, from technology as an enabler of transformation, business culture as a basis for success in the digital evolution with a disruptive vision of the digital transformation. "

Entre los expertos confirmados para la edición 2017 se encuentran, entre otros, Alex Tapscott, pionero y autor del best-seller ‘Blockchain Revolution’; Martha Heller, quien analizará el nuevo papel del CIO en el paradigma tecnológico actual; Lilian P. Coral, CDO del Ayuntamiento de Los Ángeles, que traerá la experiencia de esta ciudad americana como smart city, y Anita Schjoll, quien centrará su intervención en la inteligencia artificial aplicada a los modelos de investigación.

The second edition of DES | Digital Business World Congress has Sweden as a guest country, which is currently at the forefront of the digital transformation in Europe. Companies like Skype, Spotify, MineCraft, Candy Crush, TocaBoca and TicTail are the fruit of this country's commitment to innovation and the generation of new business models, to the point that its capital -Estocolmo- currently stands as the second city per capita creating startups world after Silicon Valley.

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By • 4 May, 2017
• Section: Events, Training, Business

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