Lighting for this gala were used hybrid and Led Wash moving heads and 360 ° continuous rotation effects specialist Elation Professional, according to the project designed by Thomas Gerdon and Nik Evers, and production of specialist Habegger.

The Hallenstadion venue of the Swiss city of Zurich has been the site chosen to reunite the country music industry in Music Awards and award the most outstanding national and international artists of the year. An event produced by local company Habberger, entrusted the design of lighting specialists and Nik Evers Thomas Gerdon.

Specifically, for this event they have been used a total of 68 moving head manufacturer Elation ProfessionalSupplied by Habegger. The set design has large cubes formed by Led video displays and suspended above the stage as the main concept.

Located within the main hub and directing their projections on the center stage and the audience have been deployed twenty units of LED array with 360 ° continuous rotation Pan and Tilt Elation ACL 360 Matrix.

As Thomas Gerdon explains, "with ACL 360 Matrix we have created pixel-mapping settings for some of the musical performances of the show, while at other times they have been used as a back light and color baths on stage".

In addition, twelve have been deployed mobile heads hybridity Platinum FLX and an equal number HFX Platinum model for this manufacturer. "In my opinion, Platinum FLX is the most complete hybrid market moving head with a mixture of light and superior to other devices in its range of technical features color," says Gerdon.

These hybrid moving heads, marketed in the Spanish market Visualsvisuals, se han distribuido en grupos de seis unidades, en estructuras de truss montadas en vertical y rodeando desde la parte trasera del escenario a los cubos de pantallas Led de vídeo situados en los laterales. El uso de estos aparatos ha sido constante durante todas las actuaciones musicales, con proyección de gobos y prismas, iluminación general en modo Wash y también espectaculares proyecciones tipo Beam a través todo el recinto de la gala.

“Esta producción ha contado con tres días desde el montaje, pasando por pruebas técnicas y ensayos con los artistas y hasta el día de la gala, retransmitida en directo por televisión a través del canal SRF a toda Suiza -explica el diseñador-. Con respecto a las actuaciones musicales, el diseño de iluminación ha sido muy variado, ya que han participado desde DJs de música tecno hasta grupos de rock y de música melódica. Con estas cabezas móviles híbridas hemos proporcionado el diseño de iluminación y tratamiento visual requerido para cada una de las actuaciones”.

For lighting design have also used twenty four moving heads Elation Fuze Wash Z350, with a light source LED RGBW 350 watts of power, power zoom 10 to 55 ° opening and a front diffuser lens. "This system, where the LED light source is not directly visible is very useful and which gives the design a great visual appearance, especially in events like this, with a television broadcast. Its diffuser lens does not give any problems of flicker and color mixing and excellent zoom range, "points out Gerdon.

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By • 4 May, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Events, Lighting

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