This solution, which has announced Vogel's Iberica, can transmit streaming wirelessly between multiple users. It combines software and hardware based on the Android platform.

Within the product family Oneav, Vogel’s Iberica He has released one of its new products for meetings and collaboration, Solstice Pod Mersin.

This is a key in hand solution that combines software to wirelessly transmit content so simultaneously between multiple users with high-performance hardware.

Software like Solstice, Solstice Pod offers a continuous update path for new features and functionality. The Pod also incorporates a wireless access point that supports deployments inside and outside the network.

This collaboration solution is based on Android hardware platform specially designed for the transmission of wireless streaming. The small Pod connects to the screen, allowing multiple users to instantly connect, share content and to control the display device. This facilitates presentations, collaboration and decision-making.

Solstice Pod is designed for use in classrooms, conference rooms or collaborative space. A solution can be implemented on existing networks or enable 'drop-in' implementations built in wireless access point to be used outside the network.


  • Compatibillidad Mirroring for iOS, including iOS 9.
  • Streaming audio synchronous.
  • Remote configuration via web browser.
  • WAP capability.
  • Software updates in one click.
  • It includes all the security features, moderation and software configuration Solstice.
  • It allows installation behind screens, in projectors or under tables.
  • Dual mode network support company guests and users.
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By • 9 May, 2017
• Section: AV Conferencing, Control, Display, Distribution signals, Training, Streaming Media

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