For the staging, the German company has returned to bet on Clay Paky technology, highlighting Scenius Unico 150 moving heads have been installed on the stage.

For the third consecutive year, OSRAM returns to participate in the Festival Eurovision official supplier of lighting equipment, after his experience in events Stockholm in 2016 and Vienna in 2015.
This year continues to work in Kiev, first it has in the first semifinal which was held on May 9 and then will in the second semifinal on May 11 and the final will be the 13th in the International Exhibition Center of the Ukrainian capital.

“Los últimos años han sido un ejemplo de cómo el diseño de iluminación puede desempeñar un papel esencial en la puesta en escena de las actuaciones. Una iluminación eficaz es crucial para el impacto de la canciones“, comenta Hans-Joachim Schwabe, director general especializado en iluminación de Osram.

Lighting design of this staging is based on the slogan 'Come Together' last year and focuses on diversity as an essential part of all the values ​​Eurovision. Organizers believe it is important to stress again the things that all participating countries have in common. The goal is to turn the show into a fusion of culture, technology and creativity.

True to the slogan "Start moving scene," the German company Osram has helped create a spectacular setting for the 43 participating countries during the semifinals and the final.

With more than 200 million viewers, who will both live and from their homes, the Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest television entertainment event in the world.

Osram will aposta for lighting technology Clay Paky for this project in which colors, shapes and dimensions are mixed to provide emotional lighting effects.
The highlight of this staging will be 150 Clay Paky moving heads Scenius One who can offer a variety of effects.

For this occasion, the protagonist is a development by Osram consisting of a 1,400 watt lamp with a color temperature of 500 K. 6. "Among lighting designers festival is considered the holy grail because it creates Great effects with unmatched quality of light and gives me different possibilities of lighting design, "says Jerry Appelt, German designer commissioned this year lighting design of all actions.

Voting system
Moreover, Osram has also provided the festival an interactive application for fans to vote in both the semifinals and finals, for their favorite singers.

Each number of points 1 to 12, represents a particular color depending on the score for each singer, different buildings Kiev with the corresponding color is light. The results will be visible immediately in the city and through web cameras worldwide.

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By • 10 May, 2017
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