In its tenth edition and coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the presence of the company in Spain, the event has been attended by 240 professionals and 37 partners and strategic alliances.

In its tenth edition Cisco Connect, the event, which was developed under the slogan "Digital Platform 'has revolved around digital transformation and the five pillars that will create new business models and reinventing the customer experience and workers. These are connectivity, security, automation, analytics and collaboration, attributes that have become the protagonists of the event.

In the edition 2017, cisco has brought together 2,400 professionals including CIOs, business managers, financial, marketing and trade, and was attended by 37 channel partners and strategic alliances, which showed through presentations, demos and use cases, how to accelerate the digital transformation.

Esta convocatoria, celebrada ayer, y que ha coincidió con la celebración de los 25 años de la compañía en España, comenzó con la intervención de José Manuel Petisco, director general de Cisco España, cuya disertación versó alrededor de los cinco pilares tecnológicos “que forman parte de esta plataforma digital basada en la red y que abarca desde el data center y el cloud hasta el extremo y cada dispositivo. Cisco los combina en la red de forma integrada y desde el extremo hasta el Cloud. Esto da como resultado una plataforma digital capaz de detener los ciberataques, optimizar los procesos operativos y transformar los datos en valor. La transformación digital es ya una necesidad y la opción es elegir que plataforma digital utilizar teniendo en cuenta que hay que ir hacia un modelo abierto y automatizado”.

This digital platform must respond to new trends that the market demands: a new and personalized user experience, a change in the processes and business models, and a transformation of the employee experience.

"The only way to get this platform functions is through automation to free up resources to make way for innovation, collaboration and creativity. an open network where automation is done by software and virtualised do so "is required.

For Cisco, the cornerstone of all this digital transformation is the network which revolves around a complete infrastructure based security that protects the entire perimeter of this connectivity environment. "The business of cybercrime is greater than the drug, with profits reaching 400,000 million dollars a year. Our answer to this problem is based on Talos, an intelligence system that feeds back all our security products and allows keep threats outside the perimeter of the network and reduce the time detection and resolution ".

Analytical is marked by the AI

As the main sponsor of the event, Intel hand of its CEO for Spain and Portugal, Carlos Clerencia, has participated in these plenary to highlight the commitment of the company for the Artificial Intelligence and define concepts closely linked sessions to it as they are the Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

"The phenomenon is causing IoT has a lot of data and it is essential to analyze them. We already have the technology that allows us through algorithms. The evolution of analytic is marked today by Artificial Intelligence. "

As explained in his speech Clerencia, what is being done is to replicate the human brain. In this regard the company has made several acquisitions that have allowed him to advance in this field.

Also among the projects Intel also highlight its commitment to the autonomous vehicle, the IoT solutions and develop solutions to 5G.

Campofrío plant Bureba

In order to show to all attendees as you can transform an organization into a digital business different projects as producer of processed meats were exposed Campofrío who has used the Cisco Connected Factory solution at its plant in Bureba (Burgos) two and a half years was destroyed by fire.

"This solution has connected machines, devices, sensors and individuals to optimize the efficiency and agility of their operations with real-time analytics and maximum safety," explains Jaime Lobera, director of Marketing and Sales of Campofrio.

La nueva fábrica no es solo una reconstrucción de la anterior sino que ha sufrido una completa renovación para poner en práctica los principios de Industria 4.0 para optimizar la eficiencia, flexibilidad y agilidad de sus operaciones. “Decidimos hacerlo de una forma diferente, con un nuevo diseño y apostando por la tecnología. Hemos podido gestionar esta crisis porque teníamos claro que las empresas son un conjunto de personas y las hemos puesto en el centro de todo este proyecto”, comenta Jaime Lobera.

Since the beginning of the design process, Campofrio valued the opportunity to create a 'smart' factory capable of connecting machines, devices, sensors and individuals in real time. The company selected the Cisco Connected Factory solution to create a 'Factory 4.0' that lets you manage and optimize their business processes and make fully informed decisions.

"We focus on digital transformation offering an increasingly personalized communication. And this innovation has affected both the products and production processes and even the form of advertising, "says Lobera.

technologies used

Convergence IT / OT. The convergence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) using Ethernet and IP allows Campofrío interconnect machines safely through the plant on a highly secure, reliable, integrated platform. This facilitates process optimization ensures the quality of production and accelerates innovation.

Monitoring and real-time analytics. Implemented according to standards ISA-95 and ISA-99 industry, Cisco Connected Factory platform provides an automated interface between business and control systems, facilitating monitoring, and real-time analytics. The goal is to provide an optimized Campofrío plant control, greater efficiency and flexibility, less downtime and higher productivity cycles.

Greater security. By controlling local access and remote to factory networks including user, device and location, also it helps improve the overall safety of the company for both your physical assets and digital.

Partner Ecosystem. The solution has been implemented by Cisco Advanced Services, in collaboration with Aryse, Vodafone and Bluefish to provide Ethernet technologies, wireless and industrial access and integrate converged infrastructure.

Presentations and demos

The day was completed with presentations by BT, Ericsson, F5, NetApp, Pure Storage, Telefonica and Vodafone; and the intervention of Juan Verde, international consultant companies and governments and US Secretary of Commerce took place Europe, on the success of Big Data in the Obama campaign. Cisco also contest on innovation and future technologies was also performed.

In this event 43 demonstrations continuously, 23 by Cisco and the rest by Acuntia, Aryse, Atos, Comstor, IBM, Iecisa, Ingram Micro, Logicalis, Purple WiFi, Techdata Azlan, Tecnocom and Solutel were performed.

Cisco demos were based on the pillars of digitization and its practical application to business, including retail, education, industry or smart cities. Space for developers and integrators (Cisco DevNet) highlighted as a vehicle to facilitate the design of innovative digital applications, while the operations center showed the power of network analytics to generate statistics about the event in real time.

The 37 partners participating Cisco showed its latest solutions and services in the exhibition area, where were present: Comscope, Dimension Data, Fibratel, Flexcom, Imagicle, Imogene, Level 3 Look Telecommunications, Nexica, Plantronics, Radware, SATEC SCC , Spectralink, Telisca, Veeam and Wallhala.

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By • 12 May, 2017
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