Combining IBM Artificial Intelligence with AKG microphones, JBL speakers and control systems and audiovisual AMX switching manage to connect people with their environment, through cognition and natural language processing. A solution being done in medical facilities, corporate offices, hotels and cruises.

Harman Professional Solutions e IBM They have unveiled the concept of cognitive halls operated by voice. Using Artificial Intelligence technology and IBM products AKG Harman as microphones, JBL speakers and control systems and switching audiovisual AMX They have been highly connected experiences to medical facilities, corporate offices, hotels, cruises and other environments.

Among AMX control systems are the NX-1200, the MCP-106 ControlPad Massio and Keypad Ethernet Metreau.

Harman is part of the group of collaborators IBM cognitive area, located at the headquarters of IoT Watson in Munich, valued at 200 million dollars, where está demostrando las capacidades de su asistente cognitivo en un entorno de sala de conferencias. It is also working with designers, researchers and IBM to put IoT into the hands of enterprise customers.

A día de hoy, las tecnologías cognitivas de IBM están integradas en las barras de sonido de Harman y se están desarrollando en otros dispositivos como relojes con alarma. El objetivo es que los usuarios puedan interactuar con los dispositivos a través del lenguaje natural. Los consumidores pueden hacer preguntas o emitir comandos con su voz cuando están en una sala.

These requests are sent to Cloud services and Watson Watson IoT, running Harman technology to allow people to control subsystems in the room without having to physically perform any manual task. For example, when an employee enters a conference room can start a video or launch a presentation using just your voice.

In the future, these tasks are executed automatically based on what the system has learned about the employee under its previous meetings. The system will better know the person and their preferences over time.


Clients like Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, who also helped develop a health solution that takes advantage of these capabilities, plan to deploy this solution in hospital wards, giving patients the opportunity to interact with speakers in the room and connected IBM Watson IoT.

In this way, they can improve their hospital experience by adjusting the lights and blinds without manual help while asking questions about the hospital facilities or ask for information about your health. All through natural language.

“Estamos solucionando un problema muy distinto en el hotel, en el hospital y en las salas de conferencias, donde la gente se encuentra en entornos desconocidos, pero necesita realizar tareas muy sencillas, como cambiar la temperatura ambiente, ajustar la iluminación, subir las persianas, iniciar videollamadas o lanzar una presentación. Las salas cognitivas operadas por voz de Harman proporcionan una experiencia natural e intuitiva, especialmente para los viajeros cansados o los pacientes con necesidades especiales”, comenta Kevin Morrison, vicepresidente senior de Soluciones Empresariales de Harman Professional Solutions.

These cognitive halls operated by voice also work as an assistant in the room who can answer specific place where the facility is, and personalized responses created by the staff of the same general questions or.

corporate environment

Las posibilidades en el mercado empresarial y en del entretenimiento son enormes, ya que IBM y Harman tratan de conectar a las personas más íntimamente con sus entornos a través de la cognición y del procesamiento del lenguaje natural. Estamos aprovechando Watson y la AI para llevar los entornos conectados a una multitud de ubicaciones, desde hoteles a hospitales y oficinas donde estas están transformando las experiencias de los usuarios”, opina Harriet Green, gerente general de Watson Internet of Things, Customer Engagement and Education de IBM.

Leveraging the main Watson APIs, such as natural language understanding and speech to text, these rooms also provide users with limited mobility and impaired vision closer level of interaction with their environment.

Cognitive rooms operated by voice also include enterprise software tools that can help members of the technical staff customer service and increase operational efficiency.
Watson multilingual capabilities allow organizations to fit a wide variety of users from different countries with a growing list of supported languages.

Like other solutions on the market, the system is activated by a 'keyword'. However, unlike other devices, the word to awaken the cognitive system operated by voice halls Harman is customizable.

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By • 12 May, 2017
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