The objective of this training program was to examine the principles of this technology, best practices, installation and certification of products and operations.

A thirty people attended, which organized the course TSE Europarts on HDBaseT in their offices last May 10.

Aimed at installers and integrators, the goal of this training was to examine the principles of HDBaseT, installation best practices and product certification and operation.

For celebration has had the skilled artisan Daniel Shwartzberg, Manager of Customer Experience of HDBaseT Alliance and performed an on-site demonstration. Attendees have received the 'Certificate of expert installer HDBaseT' issued by the HDBaseT Alliance.

"We found that manufacturers are betting increasingly HDBaseT the world. That is why EET Europarts since we help our partners better understand the technology and how to use facilities in HDBaseT must be made, "said Rodrigo Sánchez, director of Division ProAV & Digital Signage.

HDBaseT connectivity is a technology for transmitting different signals (HDMI, digital audio, RS232-422 Control, Ethernet and IR) uncompressed long distance via a LAN cable up to 100m Cat5e / Cat6.

EET Europarts partners, Kramer, NEC and VivoLink have given their support to this initiative by offering other benefits and promotions to attendees of products using these technologies.

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By • 15 May, 2017
• Section: Distribution signals, Training

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