This is the first experience with this immersive technology into the content ecosystem for third cycle of primary and junior secondary, which can live while twenty-five students.

Inmediastudio the great challenge

Developed by inMediaStudio communication, Specializing in creating educational digital content and immersive experiences, 'The big challenge' is the first activity for schools with virtual reality technology and curriculum Level 5 for groups (up to twenty five students simultaneously), currently available in centers of the Community from Madrid.

Los participantes de esta experiencia virtual educativa en grupo podrán viajar, sin moverse de su mesa escolar, a diferentes escenarios para aprender desde el sistema solar, al clima de montaña, hasta los números primos, el antiguo Egipto o el ecosistema marino. Esta primera aventura lleva por nombre ‘El viaje de Diego’, un guía y compañero virtual de los alumnos por este recorrido inmersivo.

Experience with actual video content 360, 3D animation and lasting twenty minutes, allowing real-time assess the knowledge acquired in each virtual stage and with two difficulty levels: third cycle of primary and junior secondary. This activity uses virtual and educational groups twenty glasses Samsung Gear VR, interactive control and headphones.

Inmediastudio the great challenge

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By • 15 May, 2017
• Section: Training, Augmented reality

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