Equipped with a 4K DLP chip, this team of 5,000 lumens is ideal for brightly lit classrooms and large format screens large facilities, such as conference rooms and auditoriums large.

Casio XJ-L8300HN

The projector without lamp XJ-L8300HN of Casio It offers a resolution 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) (3,840 × 2,160 pixels) and a brightness of 5,000 lumens. It plays very sharp images even on large screens used in conference rooms large.

With this equipment, the company enters the market for commercial projectors high resolution and brightness, a sector for which is expected to grow rapidly until 2020.

En los últimos años, la tecnología 4K se ha vuelto cada vez más popular para muchos tipos de dispositivos digitales, especialmente en los ordenadores personales. Gracias a esta mejora en la calidad de imagen de vídeo, se prevé que la cuota de mercado para los modelos de alta resolución de uso empresarial (tanto de especificaciones 1080p como 4K) crezca del 10% actual hasta un 30% para 2020, según datos aportados por Futuresource Consulting.

The XJ-L8300HN equipped with a 4K DLP chip, projects images of about 8.3 million pixels, which reproduce the color and beauty with a resolution far superior to that of conventional projectors. For this reason it is expected that the projector cover those commercial applications where accurate public see very precise image details such as maps, technical drawings and illustrations design.

With 5,000 lumens brightness, it is suitable for the brightest and large screens large facilities, such as conference rooms and auditoriums, large classrooms.

Its light source long-term, based on technology without lamps, provides 20,000 hours of projection while dispenses with the mercury.

The XJ-L8300HN also comes equipped with a shift function lens that corrects the position of the projector, built-in compatibility with HDBaseT to allow signal transmission 4K to the projector at a remote location, and a function of 'super-resolution' improving signal videos and low quality images to produce an effect of higher resolution.

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By • 18 May, 2017
• Section: Training, Projection

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