This system uses network technology multichannel digital data without compression, latency virtually zero and synchronization, eliminating the cumbersome and often complicated problem of mass that usually appears in the cables used in large-scale productions or facilities AV.

Ferrofish A32 DANTE audio ag

Available through Audio AGExclusive distributor Ferrofish in EMEA, the AD32 converter has been designed to streamline the wiring of different systems and audio formats, both applications live sound and installations, capable of managing audio networks Dante both live events, fixed installations and studies.

Using technology networks multichannel digital data without compression, latency practically nil and synchronization, A32 Dante is able to eliminate the problem of mass that usually appears in the cables used in audio-visual facilities or large-scale productions .

One of its great advantages is that it is not necessary to use analog wiring or multicore, heavier and expensive as it is replaced by Cat5e, Cat6 or fiber optic cables, low cost and easy access, to provide a clean, light and economical solution through a single standard IP network.

Ferrofish A32 DANTE audio ag

Ferrofish A32 Dante admite una gran cantidad de formatos de audio para su uso en una gran variedad de entornos, con 64 canales de entrada y salida con protocolo Madi; 32 canales de entrada y salida Adat óptico y 32 canales analógicos de entrada y salida. También es posible emplear un conector óptico Adat como S/PDIF.

Gracias a esta flexibilidad de entradas y salidas, esta unidad funciona al mismo tiempo como un conversor AD/DA, así como un conversor de formato de audio. Así, es posible enrutar sin problemas el audio (en grupos de ocho) entre todas las interfaces. Por ejemplo, utilizar los primeros 32 canales Dante para convertir señales digitales en analógicas mientras se utilizan los 32 canales Dante restantes para conectar el A32 con un equipo Adat.

To ensure the best audio quality, A32 Dante employs high-quality converters 192 kHz to 24-bit analog gain controls. The gain of each channel can be set separately in 0.5 dB, and the standard levels (+4 dBu, +13 dBu and +20 dBu) are regulated in the analog domain.

With an intuitive and comprehensive operation and use, this unit has four TFT screens that allow full control of all levels and settings on your computer, with ample routing possibilities. In addition to the capabilities of remote operation through Dante, Midi or USB, the system also supports the same Madi Midi by cable carrying the audio signal.

A32 Dante ensures the best audio quality in both analog domain and digital thanks to a DSP Sharp 400 MHz, which facilitates calculations extremely precise audio to ensure that, in the digital realm, do not miss a single bit in audio performance .

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By • 19 May, 2017
• Section: Accessories, Audio

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